Leah's 1st Year - 3/05/10


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Leah Elizabeth Charlton A Year of Firsts...

Slide 2: 

1 day before you were born and then... you were finally HERE!

Slide 3: 

March 5, 2009 11:19pm @ SMC 7lbs. 11oz. 21 inches long Welcome... Leah Elizabeth Charlton

Slide 4: 

I think you broke a record on the amount of visitors you had!

Slide 5: 

You also have a BIG brother who was very excited to meet you!

Slide 6: 

We couldn't wait to bring you home and start our new life as a family of 4!

Slide 7: 

You had lots of visitors and people brought us lots of food!

Slide 8: 

Your brother INSTANTLY loved you!

Slide 9: 

The world is all new! You didn't always like your carseat!

Slide 10: 

Your cord FINALLY fell off and you could take a REAL bath!

Slide 11: 

1st Easter April 12th

Slide 12: 

I'm so popular...check out my new friends! Mariana Brady Sophia Lulu

Slide 13: 

Tummy Time! Such a Happy Baby!

Slide 14: 

Cousin Lexy's 1st Communion Party May 3rd

Slide 15: 

Mother's Day 2009

Slide 16: 

Leah's 1st Shrimp Boil May 16th

Slide 17: 

1st time in a DRESS!

Slide 18: 

Memorial Day Cookout @ Nana & Grandpa's May 24th

Slide 19: 

Flirting with Mr. Lee PRICELESS!

Slide 20: 

1st Parade Jefferson County Dairy Parade

Slide 21: 

Castana's BBQ June 6th

Slide 22: 

Great Grandpa's Birthday June 14th

Slide 23: 

Happy Father's Day!

Slide 24: 

Happy 4th of July!

Slide 25: 

My 1st Mt. Carmel Feast Next year I want fried dough! June 26th

Slide 26: 

1st taste of cereal!

Slide 27: 

Our Two AMAZING Kids!

Slide 28: 

Sesame Place July 10th

Slide 29: 

Such a good little traveler! July 11th

Slide 30: 

Can-Am Parade in Sackets Harbor July 18th

Slide 31: 

My Baptism July 19th

Slide 32: 

The After Party! Mommy's favorite dress on me! My fairy godmother!

Slide 33: 

~Lewis County Fair Parade~ The Tradition Begins... July 21st

Slide 34: 

1st Time in Grandma & Poppy's Pool

Slide 35: 


Slide 36: 

I'm Getting SO Big!

Slide 37: 

Relaxing at the lake... July 29th

Slide 38: 

A Weekend with the Gilbert's August 1st

Slide 39: 

Check Out Our Matching Dresses! August 3rd

Slide 40: 

My 1st Trip to Old McDonald's Farm! August 6th

Slide 41: 

Rub a Dub Dub... I'm big enough for the REAL tub! What are you doing to me Bro Bro?

Slide 42: 

A day on Aunt Sheryl's Boat! After this day Mommy and Daddy decided to buy us a boat too!

Slide 43: 

Last day of summer vacation with Mommy! I can sit up on my own now!

Slide 44: 

Labor Day Picnic at the Beach!

Slide 45: 

1st Trip to the Burrville Cider Mill YUM! Apple Cider Donuts!

Slide 46: 

1st ride on our very OWN boat! I fell asleep shortly after this picture was taken!

Slide 47: 

A day in Old Forge. Also my first ride on a train!

Slide 48: 

Poppy's Birthday! October 10, 2009

Slide 49: 

Check ME Out! I am pulling myself up and crawling ALL over the place! Look OUT World!

Slide 50: 

BOO @ The Zoo October 17th

Slide 51: 

Look how much we have grown! Leah 7 months & Mariana 6 months! October 24th

Slide 52: 

1st Pumpkin Carving! October 28th

Slide 53: 

Halloween Festivities @ Pat's October 30, 2009

Slide 54: 

Mall-o-ween! October 30th

Slide 55: 

Happy Halloween!

Slide 56: 

Lindsey's Baptism November 8, 2009 1st time in tights!

Slide 57: 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Slide 58: 

Christmas Card Photo Shoot

Slide 59: 

Final Product!

Slide 60: 

Leah Doodle

Slide 61: 

Picking Out... my 1st Christmas Tree!

Slide 62: 

Trimming My 1st Tree!

Slide 63: 

1st Hospital Visit...Getting My Tubes In!

Slide 64: 

My 1st Holiday Commercial!

Slide 65: 

I'm so Festive! 9 months old!

Slide 66: 

Cookie Day!

Slide 67: 

Christmas Eve

Slide 68: 

Many Christmases...

Slide 69: 

Happy New Year!

Slide 70: 

Winter Fun January 2010

Slide 71: 

My 1st trip to Stefano's

Slide 72: 

Seth's 4th Birthday

Slide 73: 

Shopping For Leah's 1st Stride Rite Shoes You want me to walk in these heavy things?

Slide 74: 

Bathing Beauty February 1, 2010

Slide 75: 

Attempting to take a picture for Leah's Birthday invites!

Slide 76: 

Making Valentine's

Slide 77: 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Slide 78: 

I don't mind the snow, but I really DON'T like the boots!

Slide 79: 

Loving Life!

Slide 80: 

Miss Independent

Slide 81: 

Snow Fun at The Castana's February 20th

Slide 82: 

1st Trip to Velocity

Slide 83: 

My 1st pair of sneakers! Thank You ~ Great Grandma & Grandpa!

Slide 84: 

Testing out the new sneakers!

Slide 85: 

Our Birthday Girlie! WE LOVE YOU LEAH!

Slide 86: 

Dear Leah~ This has been a truly magical year since your birth. You are the most special little girl and we have enjoyed every minute watching you learn and grow. We say each and every day how blessed we are to have you in our life and we can’t wait to make memories and enjoy all of our adventures with you! Thank you for being you, our Leah Bean! We LOVE You Tons ~ Mommy, Daddy & Seth

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