Women�s Studies Activism

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Women’s Studies : 

Women’s Studies Activism Project 2010

The Whole Project : 

The Whole Project Purpose? To promote feminism and the Women’s Studies Program. Feminist? Yes, it was to promote feminism. Benefit? Benefits many organizations and feminists.

My Part in the Project : 

My Part in the Project Gathering information to go into one of the brochures. Helping with the booth at Vulvapalooza.

Likes? : 

Likes? What was trying to be accomplished. How the group tried to accomplish the goal.

Dislikes? : 

Dislikes? That it was difficult to get answers. Never knew what was really going on.

What Worked? : 

What Worked? The brochures. Getting information out at Vulvapalooza.

What Did Not Work? : 

What Did Not Work? Having many people in charge, it made it hard to communicate.

What I Would do the Same? : 

What I Would do the Same? Still choose the same group.

What I Would do Differently? : 

What I Would do Differently? I would join the group sooner than I did. I would ask the group to have better communication. Make my own brochure about some topic. Take on more responsibility so it feels like I did more.

Goal Accomplished? : 

Goal Accomplished? I believe the goal was accomplished, but that a lot more could be done to help accomplish even more.

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