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Presentation by, Mayank patel DRILLING MACHINES

The various type of drilling machines are::

Portable drilling machine Sensitive drilling machine: Upright drilling machine: Redial drilling machine: Gang drilling machine Multiple spindle drilling machine Automatic drilling machine Deep hole drilling machine: Vertical turret type drilling machine The various type of drilling machines are:

1)Portable drilling machine:

A portable drilling machine is a small compact in construction and used for drilling holes in work pieces in any position, which can’t be drilled by a standard drilling machine. This machine may be driven by both AC and DC power supply or by air pressure. It operates at very high speeds and drills up to 12mm in diameter. 1)Portable drilling machine

2)Sensitive drilling machine:

2)Sensitive drilling machine

Sensitive drilling machine:

It is a small bench type machine used for drilling small holes. It is very high speed machine. The work piece is mounted on the table and drill is fed into the work by hand control. The smallest diameter which may be drilled is 0.35mm and largest diameter is 15.5mm. Depending on the mounting of the base of the machine these may be classified as, a)bench mounted drilling machine b)floor mounted drilling machine Sensitive drilling machine

3)Upright drilling machine:

3)Upright drilling machine

Upright drilling machine:

This machine is larger and heavier than a sensitive drilling machine. The spindle is provided with number of speeds and feeds for drilling different sizes of holes in different types of work. The feed clutch is automatically controlled. Upright drilling machines are available in various sizes and drilling capacities, ranging up to 75mm diameter drills. Based on the construction , there are two general types of Upright drilling machine: a)round column type drilling machine b)box column type drilling machine Upright drilling machine

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Round column type drilling machine The round column type machine consists of a round column. Box column type drilling machine The box column type machine consists of a box column section. The other constructional features of both are same.

Parts of upright drilling machine:

Base Column Table Head Spindle, quill and drill head assembly Spindle drive and feed mechanism Parts of upright drilling machine

4)Radial drilling machine:

This is largest of all drilling machines having single spindle. It can also be radially adjusted around the column in any position over the work to get different size and shapes of the work. The movements may be either manual or power driven. The table is also be rotated through 360deg. A wide range of power feeds are as well as sensitive and geared manual feeds. 4)Radial drilling machine

Radial drilling machine:

This machine is used for drilling medium to large and heavy work pieces. Types of radial drilling machine: Plain radial drilling machine Semi universal drilling machine universal drilling machine Radial drilling machine

Radial drilling machine parts: :

Base Column Radial arm Drill head Spindale speed and feed mechanism Radial drilling machine parts:

Radial drilling machine:

Radial drilling machine

5)Multiple spindle drilling machine:

This machine is used in case where a number of holes are to be drilled simultaneously. The table is raised or lowered to archive feeding motion. The centre distance between spindles can be adjusted as required. These machines are mostly vertical type. 5)Multiple spindle drilling machine

6)Gang drilling machine:

Gang drilling machine comprises of a number of single spindle drilling machine column placed side by side. they are mounted on a common base. In a typical machine six or four spindles are arranged This machine is generally used for mass production work. This machine finds application in straight line, multiple holes drilling in castings, plates and steel sections. 6)Gang drilling machine

7)Automatic drilling machine:

These are used for very fast production. The work is transferred from one unit to another automatically. These machine have single or multiple spindles in horizontal, vertical or angular positions in various combination on a special type of base. 7)Automatic drilling machine

8)Deep hole drilling machine:

These machines are used for making hole where the length of the holes exceeds three times the drill size. This machine is operated on a high speed and low feed. During operation the work is rotated while drill is fed into the work. In some machines both drill and work are rotated for accurate location. The machine may be vertical or horizontal type with single or multiple spindles. 8)Deep hole drilling machine

9)Vertical turret drilling machine:

In this machine a turret is provided on the machine houses different tools such as drill, reamer, counter boring tool, spot-face, tap etc... in a required sequence. Various spindles on the turret can be manually automatically indexed. The spindles can be driven only when they come to drilling position. 9)Vertical turret drilling machine

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