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Project presentation on sms based notice board by Group 16:

Project presentation on sms based notice board by Group 16 Group Members Mayank Pratap Singh Chaudhary Shikha Mayur Yadav Krishna Kant Chaudhary Under the guidance of Mr. Devendra Kumar Lect.{ EC Deptt .}


Introduction A Notice Board is a place where people can leave public messages. Notice boards are often made of a material such as cork.

Problems with Wooden notice board:

Problems with Wooden notice board Manual display of message Multiple people struggle and cluster a single wooden notice board for information just released, e.g. Exam results. People mutilate, remove or destroy paper notices from the notice board leaving other people to be uninformed. There is unregulated display of information, difficulty in storage and no efficient reference to past relevant information being posted.

Solution :

Solution Digital signage is a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising and other messages. Development of a Digital Notice Board (DNB) program, which can be installed on various computers connected together by local area network (LAN) so as to increase the rate at which relevant information is being disseminated to the public within a certain location.

Major Problem Associated with Digital Signage & DNB:

Major Problem Associated with Digital Signage & DNB Digital Displays are most usually controlled by basic Personal Computers by way of proprietary software programs involving large capital outlays for the controller equipment. N o mobility for transmitter.


Solution The solution to the problem of mobility of transmitter can be solved by making the transmitter wireless and mobile. For this purpose we are using a mobile transmitter and a wireless modem as a receiver. This setup is entitled as “SMS BASED NOTICE BOARD”. At this time we are focusing on the implementation of this setup specially for colleges.


Advantages If there is some urgent notice to be displayed on the notice board there is no need to go to the notice board. The management can simply send the SMS to Electronics notice board to display the notice. It is very time saving for the management.

Block Diagram of Setup:

Block Diagram of Setup


Requirements Embedded C for programming the application software to the microcontroller. Software for designing the circuit diagram. Express PCB software for designing the PCB.


COMPONENTS USED: Power Supply 5v DC Microcontroller Crystal Shift register Memory MAX 232 Buzzer GSM Transmitter and Receiver LED matrix display

Future Enhancements:

Future Enhancements In the future we will be able to display the messages in different styles. More then one administrators can control the system with different authentication keys. System may send the information to the user on his/her request.



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