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Maxroof is one of the most in demand supplier for Metal Roofing & Steel wall Cladding sheets in India. The strength and aesthetics of the Profile and the overall look of the profile makes it the architects and customers first choice.Contact us!


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Maxroof Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Complete Metal Building Solutions

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PURLINS Roofing sheets are placed on walls with the help of purlins. Purlins provide support and shape to the roof. Basically there are 2 types of purlins - Z & C purlins. C PURLINS C purlin is shaped like a squared-off letter C and are used to support the load from the roof deck. Maxroof is a leading C purlin manufacturer in India.

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Z purlin is shaped like a letter Z which allows the purlin to overlap with others at the joints. Z purlins are considered to be much stronger than C purlins. Maxroof is one of the best Z purlin manufacturer which provides purlins made up of high strength galvanized steel. Z PURLINS

Trapezoidal roofing sheets and wall cladding sheets:

Trapezoidal roofing sheets and wall cladding sheets MxRib 1010 is one of the most in demand metal Roofing and steel Wall Cladding profile as it serves two most important purposes, first Strength & second Aesthetics and hence becomes architects first choice. Mx RIB

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MxCrest 1000 is a metal Roofing profile with muscles. Large crest with two parallel mini ribs between the crest makes the profile stronger which translates into long spanning capabilities. Thus the profile is most recommended for heavy rainfall intensity area. Mx CREST

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MxLine 1050 is designed to provide an aesthetic and economical Linear panel and wall cladding solution for exterior and interior use. The small ribs in between the crest give additional strength to the profile and enhanced look. Maxroof is one of the most in demand Steel wall Cladding supplier in India. Mx LINE

Standing seam roof:

Standing seam roof It is an innovative and technologically advanced concealed fixed and zipped-up standing seam metal roof that creates a continuous weathertight roof. MxZiP offers outstanding design potential, performance and durability. It can also be offered in tapered or curved profile and it can be site roll formed. MxZiP

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It is an advanced, wide cover, concealed fix roofing. The system is ideal for long spans on industrial, commercial and retail buildings. MxLoK

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It is an advanced, wide cover, concealed fix, standing seam roofing system . The system is ideal for long spans on industrial, commercial and retail buildings. It makes it weathertight & also perfect roofing system for high wind prone areas. Maxroof is one of the most in demand standing seam roof suppliers in India. MxSeam

Structural Roof decking:

Structural Roof decking It is an innovative roof decking profile which is an ultimate light weight system for all multi-storey buildings. It is used to create mechanical bond between the deck & the concrete. Maxroof is one of the most in demand metal deck manufacturer in India. MxDeck

Metal building accessories:

Metal building accessories Gutter and Downtake Pipe Metal Louvers Made up of Galvalume, GI, Aluminium and SS. Shape can be customised as per requirement Metal Louvers are used to improve air circulation in building and are available in various sizes

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Wind Ventilators Turbo Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets Turbo Ventilator available in material options like Aluminium and Stainless steel and with base plate as per requirement. Polycarbonate Sheets are used for daylighting solutions in solid, compact and mutiwall systems.

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Insulation Material Ridge Ventilators/ Ridge Monitors Insulations are available like Glasswool, Rockwool or bubble insulation, to lower the ambient temperature Available in diverse specifications, these ridge monitors are used for various industrial and commercial purposes.

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Crimped Curved Sheets Flashings Crimp Curved Roong Sheets is yet another aspect of creativity having the vertical as well as the horizontal transfer for crimping. It is used for curved roong and for proled ridges. Flashings for Ridge, Barge capping, Corner, Top & Bottom Hip Ridge etc. are supplied. These flashings are custom made as per the site conditions along with technical and design support.

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