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Since World War II, the U.S. Navy's carriers have been the national force of choice. ... Carriers - Digital Images; The Aircraft Carrier - A Brief Illustrated History. Visit. https://www.aircraftcarrierinfo.com/


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History of the aircraft carrier www.aircraftcarrierinfo.com


Most early aircraft carriers were conversions of ships that were laid down (or had even served) as different ship types: cargo ships, cruisers, battle cruisers, or battleships. During the 1920s, several navies started ordering and building aircraft carriers that were specifically designed as such. This allowed the design to be specialized to their future role, and resulted in superior ships. During the Second World War, these ships would become the backbone of the carrier forces of the US, British, and Japanese navies, known as fleet carriers. www.aircraftcarrierinfo.com


World War II saw the first large-scale use of aircraft carriers and induced further refinement of their launch and recovery cycle leading to several design variants. The USA built small escort carriers, such as USS  Bogue , as a stop-gap measure to provide air support for convoys and amphibious invasions. Subsequent light aircraft carriers, such as USS  Independence , represented a larger, more “militarized” version of the escort carrier concept. Although the light carriers usually carried the same size air groups as escort carriers, they had the advantage of higher speed as they had been converted from cruisers under construction. www.aircraftcarrierinfo.com

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