Tenant Plumbing Emergency-A Guide for Wellington Property Managers

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​Tenant Plumbing Emergency: A Guide for Wellington Property Managers www.maxeyplumbing.co.nz

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As a landlord, your duty to your tenants goes beyond the ownership of the house that they now call home. You need to offer 24-7 support in case of any emergencies and believe us when we say that you need to be ready for anything! When Plumbing Emergencies Strike The team of professional plumbers at Maxey answer multiple Wellington plumbing emergencies every month. Landlords get in touch with our team to let us know about their tenant’s plumbing emergency, and we send out a  professional plumber  on the double!

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Time isn’t always on Your Side Our plumbing and gas systems do not tend to pick the most convenient times to throw a tantrum. On the contrary, it’s usually in the wee hours or on a public holiday that your tenants will be in touch with a Wellington plumbing emergency, or a Wellington gas emergency!

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A Final Tip from the Professionals at Maxey Plumbing and Gas Fitting Wellington If your tenants are up to their ankles in a flooding emergency, or panicking about a gas leak, the last thing either of you needs is a back-and-forth phone conversation, right ? Talking to each other about the emergency isn’t going to get it fixed any sooner, so save each of you this ‘middle man’ phone call and give your tenants our contact details.

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