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Finest Medical Equipment Calibration verification certification exclusively by ERS Medical Medical equipment calibration verification certificate contains crucial evidence of the integrity of test equipment and the validity of a calibration. This is despite the fact that the need to calibrate equipment is considered by some to be simply a necessary evil to achieve quality. Companies in a variety of worldwide industries spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year to calibrate their instrumentation yet the tangible evidence of what has been acquired in return for this investment generally receives scant attention. Except for a cursory glance before consignment to the filing cabinet where it lays awaiting retrieval in the unlikely event of scrutiny during an audit the calibration record is hardly ever reviewed after its receipt. One reason is the mistaken assumption that call calibrations are alike but another is a lack of knowledge about what to eye for and its significance. At ERS Medical we strive to convey premium Medical Equipment Calibration verification certification process to ensure that the diagnostics as well as functions of our customer’s medical paraphernalia are consistently providing them with reliable and accurate information. We comprehend that any error with a medical device can lead to misdiagnosis inaccurate dispense of medications faulty readings and a host of other issues that no one can have enough money to make particularly when it comes to patient safety.

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Perks of choosing pros at ERS Medical  Highly skilled and talented technicians with the expertise to calibrate per OEM specifications of a wide range of medical devices from all leading manufacturers  Maintain ISO certification and employs best practices for medical equipment calibration verification certification that will meet FDA and ISO 134-85 guidelines  Guarantee that every calibration of medical devices is completed to highest standards using the state-of-art testing equipment in a controlled environment Don’t know where to go for medical equipment calibration verification certification We suggest you choose ERS Medical. Visit our official website for more information Or else get-in-touch Contact Us At Tony McDaniel Independent Contractor/Consultant at ERS Medical Address: 152 Shea Ct. Tracy CA. 95377 Phone amp Fax: 1-209-879-9778 Email: Website:

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