Photography White And Black Lighting Kit

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2 Point Photography White/ Black Lighting Kit Equipment For Weather Casting


DESCRIPTION  90W Ultra Cool Reflector Light with Bulb   is a 12" Ultra cool flood light and perfect combination of bright, smooth light, cool operation and an easy-to-use design. Perfect for any photography studio, it features a durable socket, and uses medium screw based lamps. The 3 x 30W energy saving, spiral form lamps are rated to emit a colour temperature of 5500K suitable for both colour and for digital photography. Solid White Muslin Photo Backdrop   are 100% cotton yarn fabric. The muslin backdrops are easy wash, maintenance free, durable fabric. The muslin fabric has 3 mm hem or sewn sleeves for smooth finish. The 3" rod pocket on top is provided for hanging the backdrop from a crossbar of a backdrop stand or support system. Wrinkles can be easily removed by steaming the backdrop. White Muslin provides a plain single colour solid background for photography and studio setups. Special dying provides vibrant colours for enhanced visual appearance and brightness. White studio backdrops have application for portraits, product photo shoots, fashion photography, personal interviews, passport photos, corporate ID photos, studio shoots. Portable Photography Backdrop Stand - 3m Wide X 2.7m Tall   is 3m wide with a maximum height of 2.7m collapsible to 0.3m. It is a sturdy stand made for studio and outdoor use for aiding wedding photography, creating youtube videos, documentary shoots, face to face interviews etc. It can hold and support canvas muslin backdrops, vinyl backgrounds, paper backdrops etc. with ease. Quick to dismantle and assemble for swift pack ups.


FEATURES 90W Ultra Cool Reflector Light Perfectly suited for key light and fill applications Cool Housing Constructed from heavy-grade aluminum , with vents on the housing to facilitate cooling and prolong lamp life Reflector - Hand spun and acid etched reflector for optimum light output 3 lamp housing is a veritable powerhouse contains i ) 40cm Reflector  ii) Adjustable focus lamp holder iii) White diffuser which stretches over the reflector for softer lighting iv) Power Cable


FEATURES   Fluorescent Bulb 30W Spiral 30 Watt, 5500K Photo Bulb Average Life: 10000 Hours Incandescent Equivalent: 125 Watt E27 standard screw-in base CRI ( Color Rendering Index) > 84 Designed for 220V/ 50 Hz (UL listed) Bulb size: 5.50" Length, 3.74" Diameter, 1.89" Base Height, 2.99" Base Width, 2000 LM output

2 Point Photography White/ Black Lighting Kit Equipment For Weather Casting:

2 Point Photography White/ Black Lighting Kit Equipment For Weather Casting

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