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The Great Mind Challenge: 

The Great Mind Challenge J AHM Consulting Henry Ho Alex Prado Maverick Solatre Joseph Waycie


Overview Goal: Leverage The Power Of Social Media GBS does not have standardized metrics measurement The effectiveness of its social media channels is unknown Internally : Gain insight from all internal resources and leverage previously untapped knowledge to create additional value within GBS Externally: Ensure GBS's products and services are aligned with market needs. GBS values customer feedback and aims to better serve their needs by providing real-time engagement


Opportunities GBS's content is fragmented and not engaging YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and GBS's main page display separate content Content should be aggregated to be displayed on a single page GBS should generate discussions with its social media community GBS bloggers should post blogs onto social media channels to expand reach and lifespan of content

Solution: Google Analytics: 

Solution: Google Analytics Provides metrics of social media channels Daily visits, traffic type, time Provides metrics of social media channels

Solution: Postano: 

Solution: Postano Benefits: Customers who are not active on all of GBS social channels will have the opportunity to preview the activities from other channels via Postano Individuals may be exposed to information that originally may not have been accessible. Streamlining the interface to be more visually stimulating will not only attract more consumers, but can also cause users to have a deeper engagement while spending more time on the site.


People The solutions may lead to alterations of job functions and/or technical skills required. In order for Google Analytics to be successful, a culture of analytics must be created and enforced. Enforced by the Analytics Ambassador Content creators need to regularly push and create content that would help garner higher rates of customer activity. This can be initiated by constructing posts and other content with open-ended questions, or by prompting customers for personal testimonies.


Processes A major process affected by these solutions is the use of HootSuite Using HootSuite to send scheduled messages may have the advantage of saving time and resources, but it does not create a personalized experience, which is something that should be pursued Messages sent should be relevant and bring forth engagement A p rocess that can change is the integration of Twitter feeds onto Facebook and vice versa A process required from the solution is to create dedicated teams that are accountable for monitoring the channels. This process can be implemented successfully by creating pilot teams who demonstrate adaptability and interest in pursuing social changes

Measurement of Value: 

Measurement of Value Implementation of the solution will affect both external and internal stakeholders of GBS. Business Impacts: Maintains and enhances current social customer relationships. Attracts new customers, and builds new relationships Metrics provide GBS with valuable insight concerning social media channels.