Countdown to 2012 - England Athletics - Day 2 Opening Plenary

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The Key Challenges for NGBs Instant results/growth….. vs Long term cultural impact Facilities – asset transfer Focus – less is more The economy and 2013 onwards An alternative “offer” National Plan vs big society www.

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We are growing! LONDON 2017

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The Big Society Community empowerment (Club/network led – shaping local need) Opening up public services (asset utilisation ) Social Action (Volunteers at the heart )

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Athletics Networks - Clubs Clubs working together to: Grow and sustain participation in the sport; Improve the quality of experience for all participants; Improve athlete and coach performance; Lay foundations for next athlete champions Establish sustainable club environment.

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Network Statistics 51 McCain Athletics Networks; 409 clubs actively engaged (although closer to 500 clubs benefiting ); These 409 clubs represent 54,775 competing athletes; Of these 409 clubs: 73 clubs are track and field only 336 clubs offer road running/ recreational running 143 of the 336 clubs are solely road running.

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White Elephant We often talk about white elephants with regards to facilities – ensuring they are maximized after launch or major events is key. Rarely do we talk about white elephant in regards to the development of sport. Huge interest at first clubs can’t cope vast drop out poor experience England Athletics are NOT focusing on growing participation first without focusing on building infrastructure. (Short term gain for long term loss) We are building locally owned structures, planning and developing the workforce. Then ensuring we can cope with demand, offering a high quality service to sustain interest. If we build it, they will come...... and stay

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This will provide sustained Legacy

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Networks will provide sustained legacy

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England Athletics Vision for Clubs Sustainable High quality Inclusive Heart of every community;

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Street Games & NGBs joining forces to meet challenges and deliver legacy 17-25 – the downhill ski Plugging gaps where core sport provision is tough to access – satellite link up – EA London “Run” Project in inner boroughs Introducing alternative takes on the sport – short form “jumpers for goalposts” style competition – community estate events Links to formal clubs to provide an exit route for talent – work with Athletics Club Networks & RUN ENGLAND for instance Train leaders and coaches in specific sports – Athletics Activators

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Help is out there

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Milestones Achieved Continuation of a long term strategic focus – 2014, 2016, 2017, 2020 Greater self sufficiency as NGBs – lean and efficient Less dependency on NGB primed projects – greater local ownership Sharing, networking and mentoring becomes the culturally “accepted norm” Growth but NOT above retention www.

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