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Carpet Cleaning Service in penrith Visit - http://mightyclean.com.au/


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Mighty Carpet Cleaning Penrith:

Mighty Carpet Cleaning Penrith

Carpet Cleaning Penrith :

Mighty Clean Carpet is the number one choice of carpet cleaning Penrith . Our technicians are IICRC accredited. We are also certified WoolSafe ® Fibre Specialists. WoolSafe ® operators must have a minimum of 5 years experience, and demonstrate a sound knowledge of carpets and cleaning chemistry. The WoolSafe ® certification is amongst the highest recognised qualifications amongst carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals. What Can You expect from your mighty clean carpet service? During our initial phone call, we will answer your questions politely, determine your requirements and schedule an appointment that suits you. You will receive a confirmation text message or phone call prior to your appointment as a friendly reminder. We will arrive at the scheduled time, neatly attired, and in uniform. Carpet Cleaning Penrith

Upholstery Cleaning Penrith :

Mighty Clean's upholstery cleaning service is your professional choice for upholstery cleaning in Penrith . Your lounge suites, dining room chairs, sofa's and ottoomans accumulate soiling, allergens and staining through regular use. A periodic cleaning service will keep them smelling fresh, looking great and free of germs and bacteria. Regular, professional upholstery cleaning maintenance by Mighty Clean Carpet will keep your upholstery cleaner, for longer! Call Mighty Clean Carpet NOW! Upholstery Cleaning Penrith

Carpet Stain Removal Penrith :

Mighty Clean Carpet are THE EXPERTS in carpet stain removal in Penrith . We are certified stain removal experts, and routinely treat and remove stains that other carpet cleaners cannot, and do not. Here's why. It may come as a surprise that carpet cleaning and stain removal, although related, are very different skill sets. Carpets are cleaned to improve health and hygiene, by removing soiling and spots, but a stain and a spot are very different. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous carpet cleaners capitalise on this common misunderstanding, and promise to treat stains at no charge - leaving you disappointed when stains remain after a cleaning service. Carpet Stain Removal Penrith

Contact Us:

MIghty Clean Carpet Phone: 0434 020 726 Email: info@mightyclean.com.au PO BOX 953, Penrith 2751 Website - http://mightyclean.com.au/ Contact Us

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