The Wrought Iron Factory


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When it comes to wrought iron doors in Perth, The Wrought Iron Factory are the experts.


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The Wrought Iron Factory:

The Wrought Iron Factory

Wrought Iron :

Wrought Iron Our timeless wrought iron furniture, fixtures and ornamental products will add style and aesthetic appeal to any home. The talented team at The Wrought Iron Factory will work with you to bring your visions to life and design products that meet your individual budget and requirements. Wrought iron tables Wrought iron chairs Wrought iron garden arches Wrought iron benches Wrought iron candelabras

Balustrading :

Balustrading Balustrading in Perth is an excellent option for home and business owners who want to add practical but beautiful features to their properties. Infill panels Balconies Window grills Doors Handrails Railings Balustrades can be custom designed to meet your individual requirements and complement your home.

Fences :

Fences Wrought iron fences combine security, style and beauty. If it’s wrought iron fences in Perth you’re looking for, then choose The Wrought Iron Factory. A fence should be more than just a barrier between your property and your neighbour. The right fence can add value and aesthetic appeal to your property, completely transforming its appearance.

Gates :

Gates A wrought iron driveway gate will provide security for your home and enhance its overall appearance in Wanneroo , Joondalup , Malaga and surrounding areas. Our custom wrought iron gates are more than just gates – they’re a thing of beauty that will set your home or business apart from the rest and add value to your property. From electric gates to small side gates, The Wrought Iron Factory has got everything covered. Our in-house designer can create a custom gate that meets your individual requirements and complements your property or we are happy to work with a designer or architect of your choosing.

Staircases :

Staircases With the help of The Wrought Iron Factory you can transform an ordinary staircase into the spectacular centrepiece of your home. Investing in a bespoke wrought iron staircase can add value and style to your property. Our wrought iron staircases are built to Australian standards and fabricated using the highest quality materials. At The Wrought Iron Factory we take pride in creating staircases that will give your home or business the wow factor and set your property apart from the rest.

Contact Us:

Contact Us Unit 1 / 3 Collingwood St Osborne Park 6017 Phone: 9244 2990 Email: Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 7.30am-4pm Friday 7.30am-2pm Saturday 9am-12pm

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