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Comodo Certificate Manager Comodo Enterprise

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SSL CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENT Centrally Managing Enterprise Security Trust Compliance Loss of control over SSL certificate inventory can present a business with entirely avoidable security risks lost revenue and potential brand damage. Without SSL certificates we would not be able to enjoy the secure online conveniences and amenities we’ve come to expect such as trusted online banking bill paying and shopping. Encryption implementations work reliably when properly configured and deployed but many organizations don’t manage their encryption implementations as well as they should. The widespread neglect of certificate management is due to the difficulty that comes with the manual error-prone management process. This neglect can lead to businesses losing track of SSL certificates which eventually expire and go unnoticed. As a result customers who see error messages are highly likely to abandon their shopping cart and customers that ignore the warnings are vulnerable to having their credit card information intercepted by a hacker. As a result of applications that handle a myriad of critical corporate or client data along with expanding regulatory requirements a current demand of clients is to ensure their data is secure. A robust PKI certificate management application is now an IT essential. In fact few business processes are as important as effective enterprise certificate management: just ask any unlucky organization that has suffered a data breach failed audit or costly unplanned downtime. The solution to these common enterprise challenges is Comodo Certificate Manager CCM which was developed in partnership with several Fortune 500 companies to efficiently consistently and securely manage large volumes of digital certificates. “A recent survey found that 54 percent of organizations don’t have a complete or correct accounting of their SSL certificates and 44 percent manage their lifecycle manually.” Osterman Research. 2012 Challenges • Enterprises lose track of the SSL certifcates on their websites • Expired SSL certifcates go unnoticed which leads to customers seeing browser error messages shopping cart abandonment and brand damage • Multiple certifcate types from diferent vendors mean a business has no centralized portal to order and renew all SSL certifcates • Certifcate auditing is difcult and records are often kept on a single ill- maintained spreadsheet • Unencrypted corporate email • Technical expertise required to apply for and install a certifcate Solution: Comodo Certificate Manager CCM Benefts • Auto-Discovery imports all existing SSL certifcates found on company websites and internal networks • Notifcations are automatically issued to administrators when any certifcate approaches expiry • Of ers a centralized portal where businesses can consolidate the purchase renewal and revocation of all PKI certifcates • Reporting sub-system capable of producing highly granular certifcate logs for distribution to key personnel • S/MIME certifcates allow businesses to provision their employees with certifcates capable of encrypting corporate email and can be used as a two-factor solution to authenticate employees that wish to log onto company websites and networks • CCM can be confgured to automatically apply for and install SSL certifcates at renewal timet

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SSL CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENT The Solution – Automated SSL/PKI Certificate Management from the Industry Leader Many enterprises considering a certificate management system are doing so for a very good reason – they have an ever-growing portfolio of SSL certificates which they need to bring under control. Comodo Certificate Manager CCM is the industry-leading fully integrated enterprise solution designed for digital certificate issuance and lifecycle management. Through its advanced certificate lifecycle management capability Comodo Certificate Manager provides your business the ability to self-administer instantly provision and control all SSL certificates. Comodo leads the SSL Certificate industry as an originator of the Certificate Authority / Browser Forum CA/B Forum a consortium of Certificate Authorities CA’s and Internet browser providers that developed guidelines to govern the issuance and management of CA’s. Since the founding of the CA/B Forum in 2005 Comodo has continued to be a pioneer in certificate management. With nearly 30 of the market sahre Comodo is the world’s 2nd largest and fastest growing CA. Auto-Discovery Tool You can’t manage your SSL certificates if you don’t know about them. Enterprises who own SSL certificates issued from a variety of Certificate Authorities CA’s must log into various management portals to keep track of them. Additionally many organizations have a discrepancy as to how many certificates they have actually issued because internal teams may have bought SSL certificates from different CA’s at different times. As a result administrators find it very difficult to create an overall inventory. CCM creates a comprehensive view of all certificates through its Auto-Discovery which scans the entire network and discovers every certificate. Every certificate is then imported into CCM bringing the entire certificate inventory under central control. Through Auto-Discovery you will know: 1. The location of every SSL certificate on your external and internal networks 2. Which CA issued each SSL certificate 3. When each SSL certificate is set to expire 4. Whether you have any certificates with weak keys keys must be 2048 bit or higher effective January 2014 Manually collecting this sort of detailed information is tedious time-consuming and error-prone. Comodo’s Certificate Authority infrastructure is WebTrust certified by Ernst Young CCM is a proven and thoroughly trusted global solution for enterprise certificate management. Comodo’s Certificate Authority infrastructure is WebTrust certified by Ernst Young so there is no need for you to invest in deploying the hardware software and expertise that is associated with the complexity of providing your own certificate solutions. This functionality reduces the burden of certificate administration thus creating an efficient productive and secure business environment. CCM allows you to issue SSL Certificates for use within your intranets extranets websites or employees’ email clients.

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SSL CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENT Rapid Deployment No set up fee is required – fast customer-focused rollout Comodo rapidly empowers and deploys enterprise-wide PKI management structures using widely recognized flexible and highly secure digital certificate solutions. CCM was designed to significantly reduce administrative obstacles and security deployment times producing clear and immediate improvements to your security infrastructure and costs. SSL Certificates can be immediately issued through a secure web console enabling network servers users applications objects and devices to be secured in minutes rather than days. Additionally Certificate Manager can web-enable and automate the enrollment process for requesting and issuing SSL client authentication and S/MIME certificates so you do not need to worry about renewing revoking or applying for new certificates. Comodo helps you achieve trust and confidence within an environment where trust and confidence is essential. Multiple administrative tiers Granular CCM User Management. With CCM you can add administrators to the PKI account each with their own access control details and permissions. Administrators can have issuance abilities for SSL Certificate and / or Corporate Secure Email Certificates and controlled access to global or local reporting facilities. This feature allows the PKI Manager to be utilized by additional enterprise personnel and permissions assigned accordingly. With this system a master administrator can assign other admins to manage the certificate assets of a particular department of a particular network or even to manage only specific domains or sub-domains. Quick easy and cost-effective Save money on your security requirements. Comodo already provides industry-leading prices for SSL Certificates. Through CCM you can take advantage of further discounts on Comodo digital certificates. Multiple Certificate requirements for distributed systems and personnel as well as load balancing requirements can be fulfilled quickly easily and cost-effectively. Self-signed certificates You never get something for nothing. It’s an old saying that holds true in the spectrum of certificate management. Many organizations have fallen for the trap of self-signed certificates in an effort to cut cost. It’s a good thought in theory. The thing that “D.I.Y” CA’s don’t tell you is that there is an enormous amount of overhead requiring multiple trained personnel dedicated to provisioning tracking and re-provisioning certificates. And with manual CA management businesses open themselves up to the enormous risks associated with certificates expiring unexpectedly and not having a reliable and effective way to manage them. CCM is a lightweight tool requiring little support and administration. It will not only find all of the places where you have certificates deployed but will also provide pertinent details about each certificate its issuing authority and its ever-so-important expiration date. CCM will quickly pay for itself many times over.

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SSL CERTIFICATE MANAGEMENT Features Benefts Certifcate Lifecycle administration Rapid enrollment approval issuance revocation and renewal of all SSL certifcates. Automated and Confgurable email alerts Administrators or Certifcate owners will be notifed about requests and will receive expiration notices in advance. World-class support and customer satisfaction Expert technical assistance and thorough User Guides allow for quick implementation and set–up. Exceptional customer satisfaction as evidenced by the highest renewal rate in the industry. Discovery Scan Automatically imports all existing SSL certifcates on company websites and internal networks. Two-Factor Authentication and/or IP address validation Highly secure administrative account access protection. Ability to restrict console access based on IP address. Secure multi-tiered administrative web interface to the Comodo Certifcate Authority operations Flexible organizational alignment of administrative domains and responsibilities easily adjusts to your business model. Robust reporting Role-based access to real-time ofine and monthly reports to help manage resources and risk. Real-Time Status Checking Comodo real-time Online Certifcate Status Protocol OCSP eliminates the time lag during which users can log on and gain access to the system after their certifcate has been revoked – thereby helping to eliminate the threat of security breaches from non-valid certifcates. Auto-import from active directory Microsoft Active Directory or CSV fle upload utilities for rapid client certifcate distribution and management achieves tight integration with many types of directory- based employee/device management systems enabling your organization to recover valuable data encrypted by the original user. Full range of SSL Certifcates Easily manage all Certifcate types from one console: Extended Validation EV General Purpose Wildcard SSL Unifed Communications UC E-Mail/S/MIME Code Signing Client Authentication and Mobile SSL Certifcates. SSL Certifcates are trusted in all major browsers Avoid lost sales that result from users seeing a warning screen for an SSL certifcate which is currently invalid because it is not trusted by all major browsers. Multiple administrative tiers Ability to create/delegate administrators by: Certifcate type Department/business unit or Lifecycle privileges ability to order renew revoke. 2048-bit signatures used throughout Conveniently keep your enterprise in compliance with NIST recommendations. Comodo Certifcate Manager Contact us for a Demo Today at 888-256-2608. For additional information on Comodo Enterprise Solutions please visit

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Comodo is a leading global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance services on the Internet. Continual innovation a core competency in PKI and a commitment to reversing the growth of Internet-crime distinguish the Comodo companies as vital players in the Internet’s ongoing development. Comodo secures and authenticates online transactions and communications for over 200000 business customers and 10000000 users of our desktop security products. With offices in the US UK China India Romania and the Ukraine Comodo provides businesses with the intelligent security authentication and assurance services necessary to establish and ensure trust in online transactions. Comodo Group Inc. US Headquarters 1255 Broad Street Clifton NJ 07013 United States Tel: + 888 256-2608 Tel: + 703 637-9361 Comodo CA Limited 3rd Floor 26 Office Village Exchange Quay Trafford Road Salford Manchester M5 3EQ United Kingdom

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