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In 2010, Matthew and a colleague from the firm co-founded a boutique law firm that concentrated in providing tax advice to the cross-border U.S., European and Latin American groups.


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Professional Tax Advisor Matthew Ledvina:

Professional Tax Advisor Matthew Ledvina

About Master Matthew :

About Master Matthew Matthew Ledvina currently works as a cross-border tax adviser at a private office in Zurich. He is nearly 15 years of experience in providing US tax advisory services. Matthew Ledvina has provided advice to clients on financial matters such as trusts, banking, and taxation


Presently, Matthew Ledvina is a managing director at a London-based Fintech company. Matthew’s international affairs are not limited by his current career, as his life has taken him all around the world.


Matthew helped with the bank for a year before he helped with friends from Baker McKenzie and established a boutique law firm. Today, Matthew Ledvina is improving on venture capital and Fintech area.


Matthew Ledvina has taken his extensive legal and tax training into the world of an exciting new Fintech company in London.


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