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Matthew Ledvina is a manager for a London-based Fintech company and has a progressive interest in Fintech and its importance on a global scale.


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Genius Tax Advisor:

Genius Tax Advisor Matthew Ledvina

About US:

About US Matthew Ledvina currently works as a cross-border tax adviser at a private office in Zurich. He also works at a venture capital firm based in Zurich and London and is a managing director of a F intech company in London.

Current Roles:

Current Roles Matthew Ledvina is currently a specialist tax adviser for Aerium Capital, a US tax director for a US tax compliance firm, and a director for a Fintech company in London which focuses on asset-backed lending.

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One of the key issues for the FinTech industry has been a shortage of talented IT professionals . Aiming to address this issue, Motion Software has come up with a structural approach to find and nurture world-class Fintech specialists.

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The Future of the Professions authored by Daniel and Richard Susskind examines the ways the internet and other modern technologies have revolutionized society and the impact of technology on professional employment.

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Art as an Asset: Risks and Rewards: Choosing fine art as an investment can have huge payoffs however, investing in art carries different risks to investing in traditional asset classes.

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