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Matthew Ledvina has provided advice to clients on a number of matters including taxation, insurance products for private clients, banking and trusts. His career in this field has seen him work in some of the world’s major cities, including Paris, London and Zurich.


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Matthew Ledvina:

Matthew Ledvina Tax Adviser


Previously a trust could let their US beneficiaries use trust assets without any concern of US tax charges. A new rule came into force that has a direct impact on trusts which hold personal assets either directly or indirectly


Art is a relatively illiquid investment , meaning those considering making an investment may have to plan to hold onto the piece or pieces for quite some time before they reach a profitable opportunity to sell.


Matthew Ledvina is an experienced US tax adviser and consultant. With nearly 15 years of experience in providing US tax advisory services; Matthew Ledvina has provided advice to clients on financial matters such as trusts, banking, and taxation.



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