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Matthew Ledvina is also a dedicated reader who goes by at least 50 books a year. His skills at work allowed him to learn multiple languages like French, German, and Spanish.


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Matthew Ledvina:

Matthew Ledvina US Specialist Tax Adviser  

About Matthew:

About Matthew Matthew Ledvina is an experienced US tax adviser and consultant. Without any doubt nearly 15 years of experience in providing US tax advisory services, Matthew Ledvina has provided advice to clients on financial matters such as trusts, banking, and taxation.

Current Roles:

Current Roles Ledvina’s role at the Fintech company sees him working with brokers, family offices, funds, and private banks to roll out a secured lending platform. Prior to this, Ledvina worked for Baker McKenzie as a US tax adviser (a role he still fulfils at Aerium Strategies today), providing cross-border advice to families with US connections.

Cross Border Tax Planning:

Cross Border Tax Planning Ledvina has a broad understanding of cross border tax planning, as well as more specific knowledge on subjects such as multi-jurisdictional tax planning for families with US connections, trust and foundation structuring, family governance, the use of life insurance in sophisticated planning, and advising financial institutions as it relates to the US DOJ Swiss Bank Program.

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