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Matthew Ledvina went to the wealth management team at Baker McKenzie, where he met the partners that would help him later create a boutique law firm in Zurich and Geneva.


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Matthew Ledvina

About US:

About US Matthew Ledvina is an experienced US tax adviser and consultant. Ledvina gained his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), specializing in Finance from Baylor University in Texas, USA; he then attended Vanderbilt University Law School of Law, where he gained his Juris Doctor (J.D). Matthew Ledvina completed his studies at the New York University School of Law, where he gained his Master of Laws (LL.M), with a specialization in US and international taxation.

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Trustees should undertake a thorough due diligence assessment - These exercises are essential to ensure compliance with the myriad of tax and reporting requirements imposed upon both these parties and Trustees by US tax laws. www.matthewledvina.com

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www.matthewledvina.com Fintech start-ups are putting most of their energy in the consumer market, changing the way people bank, borrow, invest and pay. But they are also eyeing the small business market at an increasing rate.

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Family Tax Planning: US / UK Cross Border Financial Planning

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