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Though the adoption of Google+ has not reached to the level of Facebook, it has around 540 millions of active monthly users as per reported by NYdaily news.


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Marketing on Google Plus:

Marketing on Google Plus LinkedIn,Twitter,FB are considered to be big player in social networking market but another player by the name Google plus emerged in the market and proving to be another big player. Though Google plus has not reached the level of FB or Twitter in terms of adoption by social media users,it has around 540 millions of active monthly users as per reported by NYdaily news.

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Before deciding whether to use Google plus or not for your business promotion it is always important to ask yourself one question, is your target audiance using Google plus? It might surprise you to know that it has more users than one might think of in general. Also it is known that Google+ shares and +1 are help in SEO efforts which eventually helps your natural search ranking. So taking all these things in to consideration it becomes important to use Google plus. To be or not to be on Google+

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Few steps to help you know how to be at the top 1.Create your business Google+ page in same way as Facebook page First things first, start from creating a well optimized and good looking Google+ page. Keep in mind that If you have a local business, page should be verified. The contact information on page is correct. You have added all the categories the business is related to Page should be updated regularly with relevant and informative content. Big question- HOW

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2. Google plus have communities just like you find groups in FaceBook and LinkedIn, join them and start participating in discussions. It helps you get recognition and traffic to your site which turns out to be very good leads for your business. 3. Just like twitter, folks at Google+ too leverage the power of using relevant hashtags. Using correct hashtags can help you getting exposure. This results in enormous targeted traffic too!

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