Living Room War

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How the media portrayed the Vietnam War, and what people's opinions of the war were.


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Opening Activity : 

Opening Activity When you watch the following news clip how does this video portray the war in Vietnam? Vietnam Newsreel

The Living Room War : 

The Living Room War Vietnam became the first war that people could see on television while it was happening. How and why do you think military generals reported on the Vietnam War? How and why do you think the news media portrayed the Vietnam War? 1967….What age group do you think spoke out against the war the most?

Scenario #1 : 

Scenario #1 A terrorist group that is holding an American hostage sends your news organization a videotape of the hostage denouncing American foreign policy. The accompanying note states that the hostage will be released if you air the videotape on the evening news. Do you air it, refuse to air it, or agree to follow whichever course the U.S. government advises?

Scenario #2 : 

Scenario #2 One of your reporters has been given secret government documents that show the government has tortured foreigners arrested for involvement in terrorist plots against Americans. Do you provide this information to the public?

Scenario #3 : 

Scenario #3 A wanted terrorist grants one of your reporters an exclusive, face-to-face interview, but on the condition that you do not reveal his hiding place -- or any other sensitive information you learn in the course of holding the interview -- to the government. Do you refuse these terms and reject the interview, agree to the terms and abide by them, or agree to the terms but then violate them after the interview?

Scenario #4 : 

Scenario #4 One of your reporters has written a story, based entirely on unclassified information, that describes some aspect of the government's anti-terrorism policies. A government official asks you not to publish the story because it might help terrorists avoid capture and plan future attacks. Do you run the story as is, kill the story, or run the story but only after deleting any sections the government objects to?

Scenario #5 : 

Scenario #5 One of your photographers takes a powerful, graphic picture of a child accidentally killed by U.S. forces during a major anti-terrorist operation. Do you print the photograph on the front page, on a less prominent page, or not at all? (Would you give a different answer if the child had been killed by a terrorist attack, or if the child had been killed during a newsworthy event that was unrelated to terrorism, such as a major flood or tornado? If so, why?)

The first signs of Protest : 

The first signs of Protest Selective Service Act (The Draft) How and why did people try to “dodge” the draft? The “New” Left What was the “Old” Left? Students for a Democratic Society Ali and the Vietnam War

Fortunate Son—Creedence Clearwater Revival : 

Fortunate Son—Creedence Clearwater Revival While you listen to this song, follow along with the lyrics and think about why this song was written during the Vietnam War. Fortunate Son

Anti-War Posters : 

Anti-War Posters

Protesters against the war : 

Protesters against the war

Different Types of People : 

Different Types of People College Freshman at the University of Michigan who only went to college to receive the college deferment from the draft. Close family member of high ranking military official in the United States government. Vietnam veteran who has just returned from war that wondered what he was actually fighting for while he was in Vietnam. 17 year old male from a military family who cannot wait to turn 18 years old and graduate from high school.

Closing…. : 

Closing…. Are there any similarities or differences to the support and protest of the war in Vietnam in the 1960’s and the war in Iraq today?

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