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Take Your Property Back .$95 Million Settlement with the Nation’s Five Largest Mortgage Servicers Partially Resolves South Carolina False Claims Act Laws - See more at:


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SUE YOUR LENDER WITH OUR "CUSTOMIZED QUIET TITLE LAWSUIT PACKAGE" Every Legal Document Youll Need To Stop Your Foreclosure Dead In Its Track These are the WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION Youll Need To Fight Your Mortgage WAR and WIN United States -- -- Apr 28 2015 -- THE HOMEOWNERS REVOLT. COM has just released its new WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION to fight foreclosure the "Customized Quiet Title Lawsuit Package." Its cutting edge work product developed by the Nations Most Well Respected Attorneys in the Foreclosure Defense industry. THIS IS A COMPLETE TURN-KEY LAWSUIT TO SUE YOUR LENDER FOR DAMAGES including Rescission monetary damages attorneys fees and costs. Did you know you could be paid statutory damages of 3Xs the amount of your loan balance and punitive damages of approximate 4 Xs the amount of your loan balance Thats right With a loan balance of 200000.00 you could walk away with approximately 1.2 Million in statutory and punitive damages against the bank and this Complete system works for Pre-Foreclosure During Foreclosure or Post-Foreclosure and we customize it for you with all of the facts and evidence in your case in ALL 50 STATES If you want to SUE YOUR LENDER but cant afford the HIGH COST of an attorney the "Customized Quiet Title Lawsuit Package" is the perfect solution for you We can have it completed for you in 7-10 business days It includes a Quiet Title Lawsuit Document A Temporary Restraining Order Document A Lis Pendens Document and a POWERFUL and COMPREHENSIVE CERTIFIED MORTGAGE SECURITIZATION AUDIT. In 90 of the cases weve seen the bank attempting to foreclose does not own your mortgage and unless challenged by the homeowner the bank will take your home even knowing they dont legally own it. Dont let the Bank Take Your Home when you have the WEAPONS OF MASS Page 1 of 3

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DESTRUCTION you need to fight your mortgage WAR and WIN ORDER NOW at WWW.THEHOMEOWNERSREVOLT.COM The "Customized Quiet Title Lawsuit" Package includes all of the Following... 1 Bloomberg Securitization Audit Our affiliate has pioneered research and development of the Mortgage Securitization Audit and Full Bloomberg Securitization Audit utilizing ABS NET and the Bloomberg Terminal. This cutting edge service includes 1 Identification of the Trust Vehicles claiming ownership of your mortgage through the Securities Exchange Commission S.E.C. 2 Full Screenshots of the Identified Trust showing active trading data loan modification data remics whether it has been sol how many times whether credit default swap insurance has been purchased and by whom 3 a Full Chain of Title Analysis C.O.T.A. 4 Full Robo-signer Analysis 5 FRAUD Analysis 6 Analysis of the Assignments and Transfers 7 All publicly Recorded Documents 8 Copy of the Pooling Servicing Agreement PSA and/or Prospectus Supplement and 9 A Court Ready Expert Witness Affidavit attesting to the finding of fact this full 9 Point Audit Report is the most advanced Audit Report on Residential Mortgages in Existence and brought to you by the Founders of this Industry Attorney Owned operated and A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau. 2 Civil Complaint to QUIET TITLE for other Relief The Complaint package includes a Civil Complaint that is Jurisdictional Specific and can be tailored to work on a Federal Level. This TURN-KEY Lawsuit to sue your lender will include 12-15 different causes of action all with specific and actionable claims that have remedies as against the lender... The Temporary Restraining Order is designed STOP A SALE IMMEDIATELY to give you or your attorney time to fight the bank in favor of the Homeowner and the Lis Pendens will cloud the title making it very difficult for the bank to take possession of the home and re-sell it until a solution can be reached in favor of the Homeowner. 3 Temporary Restraining Order to Stop the Sale 4 Lis Pendens to "Cloud Marketability of Title" This Litigation support service is tailor made for the specifications of each Attorney Page 2 of 3

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should you decide to retain one and is drafted by a Competent and Qualified Attorney with Factual Specific Allegations tailored for each client ready to be signed by an Attorney or filed by the homeowner In Pro Per. Self-Represented THE HOMEOWNERS REVOLT. COMs affiliate has trained more than 1000 Attorneys and Real Estate professionals on Mortgage Securitization since 2007 and is widely recognized as the Industry Leaders. THE HOMEOWNERS REVOLT. COMs affiliate is Attorney Owned and Operated since 2007 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Visit us at: WWW.THEHOMEOWNERSREVOLT.COM and receive a 100 FREE Gift Our "Qualified Written Request" Document just for visiting us. This document legally requires your lender to provide you with critical documents to stop your foreclosure After you receive your 100 FREE Gift Order your WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION to fight foreclose NOW Just click on the "Download Documents" link in the upper left hand corner and scroll down near the bottom of the page to order your package THE HOMEOWNERS REVOLT.COM the MOST POWERFUL foreclosure fighting document site on the Internet Contact Information: Name: Matt Brockman Company: The Homeowners Revolt.Com Telephone: 877-365-2528 Powered by TCPDF Page 3 of 3

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