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Wireless IP Video Surveillance System India - Our IP Video Cameras are made from very high quality raw material which ensures high durability at its user end.


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Get one stop solution for IP Video Surveillance

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IP Video Surveillance Solution IP Video Surveillance Solution is an IP video surveillance solution for centralized surveillance management which removes the burden of excessive cabling and maintenance.

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IP Video Surveillance Solution The system is well equipped with latest functionalities like feature rich Centralized Management Software, Web Client and Mobile Application that today's security sensitive organizations require. This thoroughly engineered NVR is highly efficient in strengthening security and increasing productivity and discipline in an organization.

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IP Cameras IP Cameras are considered to be the next big thing in the video surveillance industry. IP technology is slowly and gradually replacing the closed circuit analog technology. For larger facilities and higher security, IP cameras are superior in terms of performance and quality.

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IP Cameras Matrix 1.3MP and 3MP IP cameras come in IR Bullet, IR Dome to cover up to 30 m as well as 2 MP IP PTZ cameras to cover upto 100 m. These cameras are made for various indoor and outdoor purposes.

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For 1.3MP IP Cameras: Automatic White Balance Backlight Compensation Digital Noise Reduction Inbuilt Video Analytics Dual Stream Support International Protection Rating

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For 3 MP IP Cameras: Adaptive Streaming Smart Streaming 4 Stream Support Region of Interest (ROI) e-PTZ SD Card Support NAS Support

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For 2MP IP Cameras: 4 Stream Support Inbuilt Video Analytics SD Card Support 30× Optical Zoom NAS Support International Protection Rating

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Analog Camera Analog Camera are the truest form of the video surveillance cameras which transmit signals over coaxial cables. This transmitted signal can then onwards be sent to a single location for management and monitoring.Matrix Video Surveillance range has 700TVL analog cameras in its range. 

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Analog Camera These cameras are further classified into IR Bullet, IR Dome and IR PTZ Cameras. These cameras are used in indoor and outdoor purposes of multi-floor applications where a cost effective solution is to be provided.

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