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Geometr y Geometry is the branch of mathematics concerned with questions of size,shape,figures of position,properties of spaces and one who works in the geometry field is know as 'geometer'.Geometry involves concepts like-angle, axioms, lines, points, planes, curves, surfaces, topolgies and metrics, dimesions, symmetry.

Geometry Terms:

Geometry Terms G eometry consists of the geomertic information (geometric shape) such shapes are called polygons and includes triangles, squares.Other shapes bounded by curves such as ellipse, circle.Circumferences, radii, and areas are also the concepts concerns on length and area. Also, the volume of 3-D objects such as cubes, cylinders, pyramids, and spheres can be computed with geometry.Geometry is all about shapes and measurements.

Advantages Of Geometry:

Advantages Of Geometry Geometry is all about shapes and their properties students like to play with objects and drawing them but they found the difficulty in solid geometry which involves the three dimension objects like-cubes, prisms, cylinders and spheres.

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Facilities Provided By Us Our expertise group is ready to solve the problems of geometry in easier way so that student can grasp the things easily.We will provide each and every detail regarding shapes to make students understand the different shapes in simple and unchallenging way.We will guide the student in unique perspectives.

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