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Presentation On Communication Model’s:

Presentation On Communication Model’s Sumitted To- Submitted By- Rajit Verma Mahabir Singh Asst. Prof. Ishu Saini USM KUK

Communication Model’s:

Communication Model’s There are five type of models in communication:-

1.Shanon-weaver Model:

1.Shanon-weaver Model Message Signal Signal Received Message

2. Murphy’s :

2. Murphy’s Sender-Encoder ------------------------- (experience attitude,skills ) Perception Idea encoding Symbol decision Sending mechanism Message Medium Verbal,non -verbal Receiver-Encoder --------------------- (experiences, attitudes,skills ) Receptor mechnisms Perception Decoding Ideo interpretion Feedback Verbal,non -verba l Stimuli CONTEXT

3.Thill and Bovee:

3.Thill and Bovee (Idea Sender) (Receiver) (Message) (Physical) (Transmission) (Feedback)

4.Berlo’s S-M-C-R :

4.Berlo’s S-M-C-R S M C R SOURCE MESSGAE CHANNEL RECEIVER Comm.skills Knowledge Social System Culture Attitude M Elements Structure Content Code Treatment Comm.skills Knowledge Social System Culture Attitude Seeing Hearing Touching Smelling Taste

5.Lesikar,Petitt and Flatley:

5.Lesikar,Petitt and Flatley Real World Marci’s Sensory World Marci’s Filteration Process Kevin’s Sensory World Kevin’s Filteration Process Feedback Verbal Non-Verbal

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