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Investing is one aspect of wealth creation. However, regular monitoring of your portfolio is equally important. Portfolio trackers help you monitor your investments.


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Various investments are used to save money and create wealth over the long term. There are several products such as mutual funds fixed deposits exchange-traded funds and many more. One investment option is equities Several companies list their shares on the stock markets and when you invest in these it is known as a stock investment.

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Investing is one aspect of wealth creation. However regular monitoring of your portfolio is equally important. Portfolio trackers help you monitor your investments. Here are six things to keep a tab on your online equity portfolio: 1. Regular updates Any change in the price of the shares is automatically updated in your portfolio which

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provides the real-time value of your investments. These trackers also offer triggers to alert you on price changes. You may also input your various monthly instalments to receive regular updates on your net worth. 2. Make informed decisions Diversification is crucial and you may include stocks debt and other asset classes in your

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portfolio. The online trackers show you the asset allocation ratio to know if your investments are over-exposed in certain categories. This allows you to make informed decisions based on your risk profile and financial goals. 3. Portfolio trends The trackers allow you to understand the exposure to debt and the Indian equity markets over a period of time. You may set alerts to

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receive intimation if the exposure is exceeding a pre-defined threshold due to price movements. 4. Determine your profits When you monitor all your investments in a single location you are able to keep track of your profits and losses. Your equity investments may be categorized as trading and investment portfolios wherein you may set different profit parameters for both these. Additionally you receive recommendations on when to use the

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capital returns to pay off your existing loans and decrease your liabilities. 5. Stay abreast It is very important to stay abreast on all news and events when you participate in equity trading. The portfolio tracker may be programmed to provide you alerts on all news corporate actions rating changes dividends and

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analyst reports ensuring you do not miss out on any investment opportunity. 6. Flexibility The online portfolio trackers offer several reports and analytics that are easily exported to Excel. In addition to helping you make accurate investment decisions this is beneficial to determine your tax liability and file income tax returns.

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Several smart versatile and analytical trackers like Moneycontrol ETportfolio Askkuber and NDTVprofit are available. How you use the various features to maximize your online equity trading benefits is entirely dependent on you. Start Investing in Equity Stocks with mastertrust mastertrust offers online trading account and demat account facility for making equity and mutual fund investments in a transparent and secure manner.

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Thank You Disclaimer: Investments in stock markets are subject to market risks. This is for information purpose only. Connect With Us mastertrust Mail: Phone: 0120-6223333 Web:

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