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The Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University prepares physicians who will excel in both the science and the art of medicine. Our founding mandate has been to combine the pursuit of scientific excellence with the social mission to improve human health through engagement in our local, national, and global communities.


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About Us  Albert Einstein College of Medicine a part of Montefiore is a premier research-intensive medical school dedicated to innovative biomedical investigation and to the development of master of bioethics and compassionate physicians and scientists. Inspired by the words of our namesake we have from our inception welcomed students faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds who strive to enhance human health in the community and beyond. This is an attribute in which Albert Einstein took great pride when consenting to the use of his name in conjunction with the medical school.  At the core of the Einstein-Montefiore mission is the pursuit of social justice in meeting the healthcare needs of all individuals including those from underserved communities.

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Education  Einst ei n ’ s M.D. program prepares t omorr o w ’ s physicians to excel in both the science and the art of medicine by combining the pursuit of scientific excellence with compassionate and humanistic care and the social mission to improve human health through engagement in our local national and global communities. Our Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences train some of t oda y ’ s brightest students to become the next generation of leading scientific researchers while our Medical Scientist Training Program resulting in both M.D. and Ph.D. degrees embraces a comprehensive "bench to bedside" philosophy to nurture the development of well-rounded physician-scientists. In all the College of Medicine offers six graduate degree programs.

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Research  Boosting Liver Detoxification —The liver is essential for removing molecules such as drugs and toxins from the bloodstream —a job done by hepatocytes cells that comprise most of the li v er ’ s mass and remove these compounds from the blood using specialized transporter proteins. Allan Wolkoff M.D. has received a 2.3 million five-year renewal grant from the NIH to continue his research on improving the li v er ’ s detoxification ability. In a healthy liver these transporter proteins are in a balanced state as they travel between the cell surface of hepatocytes and vesicles within the cells. But disease can disrupt this equilibrium causing so few transporters at the cell surface that toxic compounds can accumulate in the blood. Dr. Wolk off is studying the molecular mechanisms that govern transporter trafficking and the cell-surface expression of transporter proteins. His research may lead to strategies for improving the liver-mediated clearance of chemicals from the circulation.

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Health  Editors Note: February 29 marks the ninth annual Rare Disease Day a worldwide event devoted to raising awareness of more than 6500 rare diseases of which less than 5 percent have any available treatment. In September 2015 Montefiore assumed operational and financial control of Einstein. Together they advance clinical and translational research to accelerate the pace at which new discoveries become the treatments and therapies that benefit patients.

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