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. . . In Pictures 1915 – 2010 . . .

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1915 Calgary Population: 43,000 Crescent Heights: 147 students, 10 teachers Principal: Hon. William Aberhart (“Bible Bill”)

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Sterling-gold character manifests itself in three ways An absolute punctuality and faultless regularity; Sound thoroughness and deep earnestness; A splendid capability and genial sympathy. William Aberhart, 1924

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2010 Calgary Population: 1,065,455 Crescent Heights: 1470 students, 81 teachers Principal: Arvin Rajan

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You represent our school and we do not accept mediocrity. Arvin Rajan, 2010 $178,000: 2008 – 2009 Scholarships 175: Subject awards for top students 44: Gd 9 Honors 113: Gd 10 Honors 55: Gd 11 Honors 69: Gd 12 Honors

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Editor: Chatelaine Magazine Companion: Order of Canada President: National Action Committee on the Status of Women “She was obviously propelled by an unshakeable faith in the dignity and competence of women, grounded in her own sense of self-esteem, but she ran as well on just the right level of piss and vinegar to wake up some of the boys in the backrooms and to give heart to a lot of women who hadn’t yet found the kind of courage she had.” DORIS ANDERSON

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Member: The Alberta Order of Excellence “The ‘Friendship for Peace Project’ encouraged teachers and students across Canada to learn more about developing nations. The project promoted an exchange of friendship, ideas and experiences between classrooms around the world. ” JUNE LOUISE LORE

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Canadian Country Music Awards: 13 Juno Awards: 7 Allan Waters Humanitarian Award: 1 "I have not been selfless. Like all of us I strive to do better. I often forget about the children I've met and sometimes I wish my life could go back to the way it was before I knew about them. "But with that knowledge comes responsibility. I have sometimes taken credit for good things and acted like it was my idea." PAUL BRANDT

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Western Canadian Music Awards: 1 Juno Nominations: 3 YTV Achievement Award: 1 Sara: The only time I've ever seen a musical was actually when i was in Grade 12-Tegan: That was Grade 9. Sara: No, no. That was Grade 12.Tegan: Are you talking about Joseph and the? Sara: I don't know. TEGAN & SARAH

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Alban Winspear John M. Cassels Victor E. Graham Gary Vernon Henry Koschitzky RHODES SCHOLARS

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Member: Order of Canada Award: U.S. Congressional Gold Medal Member: CIA “He participated in developing and executing the plan by which these Americans, who were under his care, made their escape on 28 January 1980, as well as organizing the withdrawal of the remaining Canadian Embassy staff. The performance of these tasks with initiative, calm and judgement has brought much credit to Canada and earned him widespread gratitude.” KEN TAYLOR

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Premier: Alberta, 1935 - 1943 Founder: Social Credit Party “Even the strongest hearted must fail, not once but again and again. But what of that? Life is a campaign not a single day’s battle …. There is no real defeat for one who holds on courageously to the right cause. The only permanent and hopeless failure comes through an indifference, or an abject surrender.” WILLIAM ABERHART

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Mayor: City of Calgary Premier: Alberta, 1992 - 2006 "You would have to eat 10 billion meals of brains, spinal cords, ganglia, eyeballs and tonsils.“ (on getting mad cow disease) "Dinosaur farts.“ (what brought on the ice age that killed off the dinosaurs) "I would offer $5 billion to have a Japanese person to come over here and eat nothing but Alberta beef for a year and if he gets mad cow disease I would be glad to give him $5 billion -- make it $10 billion Canadian," RALPH KLEIN

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Member: Order of Canada Member: Order of the British Empire Founder: Spruce Meadows “Spruce Meadows is Calgary's first-class, world-famous equestrian facility that is defined by the sheer beauty of their grounds, the high quality of their facilities and staff, and by the sheer number of international competitions they hold every year.” RON SOUTHERN

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Minister: Agriculture Minister: Northern Affairs Minister: National Defense “Mr. Harkness received one of the the highest military honours, the George Medal for ‘courage, gallantry and devotion to duty of a higher order’ while officer commanding troops during the Sicilian campaign.” DOUG HARKNESS

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Actor “Cigarettes, I won't do cigarettes, nicotine will kill ya.” “That's why people that have an education, you know, that's why they spend time in art museums, or reading good literature or listening to good music. Because it affects the body's chemistry in such a way that it produces a very mellow high that you can never reproduce with any kind of drugs.” TOMMY CHONG

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