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Project is to research an Olympic Host city Create a ppt


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Olympic Project :

Olympic Project Sydney 2000 by By Ms. Mary

Sydney, Australia:

Sydney, Australia City: Sydney Country: Australia Continent: Oceania


Physical Sydney is located on Australia's south-east coast, by the Pacific Ocean. Temperate climate: Warm summers Cool winters!


Culture Religion/Culture: Indigenous people + British colony + many more! It is very multicultural. Population: 4.6 million people Languages: English is the official language. Many other languages are spoken! Many music and arts festivals, and sports events

Sports are Important!:

Sports are Important! Famous sports : Cricket Rugby Football

Sydney Olympics:

Sydney Olympics Summer 2000 Opening: Sept 15 Closing: Oct 1 Southern Hemisphere


Olympics ANZ Stadium Cost 700 million AU$ Built in 1999 “ Olympic Stadium ”

Ms. Mary’s Favourite Event :

Ms. Mary ’ s Favourite Event Artistic Gymnastics!

Favourite Event:

Favourite Event Winners at Sydney 2000 Olympics: Gold: Simona Amanar Country: Romania Silver: Maria Olaru Country: Romania Bronze: Xuan Liu Country: China Women ’ s Artistic Gymnastics!

Opening Ceremony:

Opening Ceremony

Closing Ceremony:

Closing Ceremony

Paralympic Athletes:

Paralympic Athletes Name: Jessica Galli Country: USA Disability: wheelchair racing Medals: Silver in Sydney 2000 Interview with Jessica: What is special for you about your sport compared to other sports? “ I really enjoy that sport is an individual sport versus a team sport because my successes and my failures all fall on me. I also love the speed that is involved in wheelchair racing! Who doesn't enjoy going fast!? ” Words to describe Jessica: hard working adventurous likes to go fast!


Mascots “ Syd ” the Platypus — 'Syd' was named for 'Sydney', the host city “ Millie ” the Echidna — 'Mill ie' was named for 'Millennium' “ Olly ” the Kookaburra — 'O lly' was n amed for 'Olympics'

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