What Happens During the Laser Therapy

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What Happens During the Laser Therapy : 

What Happens During the Laser Therapy Laser treatment is usually a procedure done to correct what was the previous condition of ones eyes. Conditions like macular edema and diabetic neuropathy elects a treatment like laser as this stabilizes vision. In other cases, if vision is lost, laser therapy can even improve the condition of the lost vision, but this is needed not just once, but more times to control the leaking fluid in the eye. But the general principle of treatment is treating the eye one at a time and wait for one eye to restore and that would be the best time to have the laser therapy for the other eye. So what really happens during the laser treatment? If this question pops into your mind, then here is the answer. Focal and scatter laser therapy is not a major procedure that really needs to be done in the operating room. It can simply be done in the clinic or in the office of your physician. So before the surgery takes place, the doctor needs to dilate your pupil and have to apply drops to make you eye numb. The back portion of your eye is included, because if not, this may cause discomfort to the patient. While the surgery is done, the lights in the clinic are dim and you will see flashes of light while the surgery goes on, and this brings a stinging sensation in your eye. This will have to take for a few hours, and after that because the doctor administered drops to dilate you eyes, you will have to wear pair of eyeglasses outdoors and even indoors. Your eye will be sensitive to light and you need to protect it from dilating too much. Also, upon going home, you need to have someone who will drive for you. After the operation, your vision will remain blurry even until the end of the day, this is just a normal reaction of the eye to the laser therapy. But if your eye hurts, do not hesitate to ask for any treatment from your doctor. Remember that laser therapy needs a follow-up care and maintenance. This can only reduce the risk of ones eyes to blindness, but it cannot restore the vision that you once had. So, it is really advised to people who have diabetic retinopathy and macular edema to submit their selves to a regular eye check up once a year to prevent any further complication or to detect it.

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