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Awakening Hope by therapist Mary Crocker Cook offers a new and comprehensive approach to Codependency treatment.

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It connects the dots between . . . early attachment disruptions. . . anxious and avoidant behaviors . . . physical illness caused by adrenal system damage as a result of chronic relationship anxiety.

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At its heart, Codependency is the result of our inability to trust our attachments to others.

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Along with reflections on her own devastating relationship loss, Mary draws from solid research to support her three-pronged approach to long term healing of codependency issues. Developmental Behavioral Biological

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Failure to address any one of these areas creates vulnerability to a return to old patterns and reactivity that undermines our happiness, our security, and our health.

Recovery Is Possible:

Recovery Is Possible

What are they saying about Awakening Hope?:

What are they saying about Awakening Hope? As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I have read many books on co-dependency but I find Mary Crocker Cook's book, Awakening Hope, to be the most thorough and helpful text on this subject. I especially appreciate the developmental and biological perspectives Mary brings to this work. Mary Crocker Cook is a genius! I'm passing this book on to ALL my co-dependent clients! Melody Beattie, move over! Beth Elliott-Staggs, LMFT

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This book is a brilliant explanation of attachment disorders and quite an easy read if you're interested in human behavior and have some background in psychology or codependency issues. I will read this book again and again to practice recognizing signs in myself and to create long term awareness for myself. Amazon reviewer

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Mary’s text is the first to fully capture the attachment issues that are the core of our struggle. Even more powerfully, she connects the adrenal system damage that result from the emotional rollercoaster that drives codependent behavior. While she supports her ideas with solid theory and research, it is her courage in revealing her own personal struggle with these issues that makes the theory come alive. It is unusual for a therapist to be willing to be so candid about her own personal journey, and I felt inspired by it. Stacy Smith, LMFT

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Order Your Copy Today! Awakening Hope. A Developmental, Behavioral, Biological Approach to Codependency Treatment. Mary Crocker Cook, D.Min , LMFT, CADCII or

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