Death to selfishness


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DEATH TO SELFISHNESS By: Marvin I. Adel Metro Batangas Christian Church


DEATH TO SELFISHNESS Philippians 2:1-18

I. Develop Unselfish Attitudes (verses 1-11) : 

I. Develop Unselfish Attitudes (verses 1-11) A. Concentrate on love and unity (verses 1-2). B. Concentrate on the needs of others (verses 3-4). C. Concentrate on the example of Christ (verses 5-11). 1. He was humble. 2. He was sacrificed. 3. He was rewarded - see 1 Peter 5:5-6.

Introduction: : 

Introduction: If you had to pick out what your top three sinful tendencies are, what would your answer be?

II. Develop Unselfish Actions (verses 12-13) : 

II. Develop Unselfish Actions (verses 12-13) A. Obedience is demanded (verse 12). 1. Even when no one is checking up on you. 2. It is your salvation - take responsibility. 3. Be sober - fear and trembling. B. Obedience is possible through God (verse 13). 1. He creates righteous desires in us through his Word. 2. He provides the power to follow through by his Spirit

III. Develop Unselfish Speech (verses14-18) : 

III. Develop Unselfish Speech (verses14-18) A. Disciples are not complainers! (verses 14-15). 1. To stand out like stars, we must be different than the world! B. Disciples are communicators! (We hold out the Word of life.)

Conclusion: : 

Conclusion: 1. Death to selfishness can only be achieved when we replace it with selflessness! 2. Selflessness can be defined as unselfish attitudes, actions and speech. 3. What do you most need to change in these areas? 4. Write out a plan, share it with a friend and then let's die to selfishness!

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