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American Alligator :

American Alligator By: Jacob Frizzell & Anthony Ingemi

Description :

Description ● The alligator is a brother to the crocodile like the crocodile, it is brownish-green in color . ● The alligators head is broad and flat and snout is short and flat this is how people tell the difference between them. ● The alligator can grow up to 8-9 feet if it’s a female 11-12 feet if it is a male. They also live up to 30-35 years Description

Reproduction :

Reproduction ●Mid-April through May 60-65 to lay eggs to incubation. ●20-25 eggs are laid generally hatched in mid August

How they hunt :

●Alligators are very successful hunters ●Alligator hunts very quietly swims very slowly along the shoal with just it eyes and nostrils sticking out of the water How they hunt

Habitat :

Habitat Alligators are found in or near water They are most common in swamps, river, bayous, and marshes Mostly spotted in fresh water they can tolerate brackish water as well



Diet :

Diet American alligators are like the crocodile they are carnivores. Hatching, juveniles, and adults will eat a variety of insects as they grow larger They will eat snakes, turtles, and snails, slow moving fish, small mammals, and birds are included in their diet

How they are protected :

How they are protected First listed as a endangered species in 1967, the American Alligator was removed from the endangered list 1987 They where also hunted for their skin to make boots, purses, and food.

Chart of Alligators and Crocodiles :

Chart of Alligators and Crocodiles ● Extinct 0% ● Threatened 44% ● Low Risk 52% ●Data Deficient 4%

Adaptations :

Adaptations The American alligator has a camouflage color a greenish brown to blend with the water in which it lives

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