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Integrating ICT in the Second Language Classroom:

Integrating ICT in the Second Language Classroom Reflection on some Trends and Issues

Challenges of Second Language Learning and Teaching:

Challenges of Second Language Learning and Teaching

ICT and Second Language: a match made in heaven?:

ICT and Second Language: a match made in heaven? (Hess, 2012)

Resource 1: scholarly journal article:

Resource 1: scholarly journal article Presentation of two content-based wiki projects for French undergraduate courses Review of other studies on wikis in Second L anguage E ducation Overview of benefits and drawbacks Reflection about the changing role of teachers

Resource 1: Technologies :

Resource 1: Technologies

Resource 2: a Glogster:

Resource 2: a Glogster Graphical blog Interactive visual poster Multimedia platform

Resource 2: Technologies:

Resource 2: Technologies

Resource 3: a Video:

Resource 3: a Video Year 9 audio-visual project about Haiti Focus on improving speaking competences and pronunciation Aim at developing students’ self-assessment skills

Resource 3: Technologies:

Resource 3: Technologies Research Internet search engines Plan Mind mapping tools Storyboard script Word processors Record audio Easy speak mic Audacity software Produce a short movie Movie maker software Progress & assessment eLearning portfolio

Benefits of ICT integration:

Benefits of ICT integration Create a uthentic learning environment C onnect to native speakers and target culture Allow r apid and personalis ed feedback Students take responsibility for their learning Foster e ngagement and motivation Offer s elf-paced and differential learning Promote higher order thinking skills

Drawbacks of ICT integration:

Drawbacks of ICT integration Individual level Institutional level

Most popular Technologies:

M ost popular Technologies

PowerPoint Presentation:


“Technology as Cognitive Tools”:

However, computer systems can serve as powerful catalysts for facilitating these skills assuming they are used in ways that promote reflection, discussion, and problem solving.” “Technology as Cognitive Tools” ( Jonassen , 1994 ) “Cognitive tools are unintelligent tools, relying on the learner to provide the intelligence not the computer. This means that planning , decision-making, and self-regulation of learning are the responsibility of the learner, not the computer.


“the key to successful use of technology in language teaching lies not in hardware or software but in “ humanware ”, our human capacity as teachers to plan, design, and implement effective educational activity. “ Humanware ” ( Warschauer , 2000 ) Language learning is an act of creativity, imagination, exploration, expression, construction, and profound social and cultural collaboration. If we use computers to fully humanise and enhance this act, rather than to try to automate it, we can help bring out the best that human and machine have to offer.”


Recommendations Don’t be afraid, Be prepared Familiarise yourself with ICT Set clear criteria and expectations Offer scaffolding B alance teacher’s facilitation and students’ autonomy Plan, plan, plan


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