How to take care of pleated blinds


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Taking care of pleated blinds

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Pleated blinds are the most popular type of blinds among many homeowners and business establishments because of its versatility. These are made from pleated fabrics that help in adding texture to the room where it is installed. This is considered to be the best affordable alternative window covering treatment to Venetian and roller blinds. It has a very slim top and bottom rails that can be drawn up to the top of the window and it does not take up space when raised. These comes in two types which are free hanging and a skylight blind that is often place in glass ceilings and roofs. They come in a variety of design and vibrant color that makes it easier to pair it with any interior design.

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And to make the appearance of the pleated blinds last long as if it is still new there are things that you should do. That is to clean your pleated blinds using any of these two methods: rinsing and hand washing.

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Rinsing – You can clean your pleated blinds using a shower attachment. However when you rinse them use hand-warm water and never use detergent as this could affect the color and the texture of the pleated blinds. After rinsing it retract the pleated blinds and shake of the excess water before you hang them to dry in the shady part of your house. Hand washing – there are pleated blinds that can be hand washed. This is a useful cleaning method if the pleated blinds are placed on the part of the house or building where there is smoke. To clean it what you need to do is to part-fill the bath with hand warm water before you add a PH neutral cleaning solution. For a few minutes soak the pleated blinds in the prepared water with PH liquid and gently move it around but never rub. Afterwards lift it gently and rinse it with hand-warm water using a shower attachment.

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To prevent your newly washed pleated blinds from condensation it is best to leave your conservatory well- ventilated the entire day after placing the pleated blinds back to its position. These are the best ways to keep your pleated blinds looking new and clean. When you good care of your pleated blinds expect that you will be able to use it for many years.

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energy efficien pleated blinds

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