What is EEG Test and how it can help?


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An Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a medical test used to record electrical activity in the brain. It is very useful in diagnosing the brain related issues and sleep disorders among patient. It is considered as a very effective test as it shows the behavior pattern of the brain to the patient activities clearly. Progressive Neurology & Sleep Center is one such Neurologist center in Virginia, offering advanced EEG Test and diagnoses service for people for more than 18 years. Team of experienced and friendly staffs is always keen to offer quality care and the best treatment for their patients through the tests and services. For more details and consultation for EEG Test in Chesapeake, VA; visit https://www.progressiveneurosleep.com/procedures/


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W h a t i s E E G t e s t And how it can help

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C o n t e x t -What is EEG Test - Use of EEG Test - Types of EEG - Progressive Neurology Sleep Center - Their services - Contact

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W h a t i s E E G T e s t E l e c t r o e n c e p h a l o g r a m E E G i s a n o n i n v a s i v e t e s t u s e d t o r e c o r d t h e e l e c t r i c a l w a v e s o f t h e b r a i n a c t i v i t y . And this test is used to detect such signals through a special scalp cap attached with small several electrodes discs and a computer monitoring to record the waves for further use. Our brain cells communicate via the electrical signals for every task even during sleep hours.

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U s e o f E E G T e s t I n t h e m e d i c a l f i e l d E E G t e s t i s   u s u a l l y u s e d t o d e t e c t b r a i n a n d i t s r e l a t e d   d i s o r d e r s . Seizure disorders like epilepsy Head injury Encephalitis Brain tumor Encephalopathy Memory problems Sleep disorders Stroke Dementia And even for headaches

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T y p e s o f E E G Video EEG Patient will be filmed during the entire EEG test continuously in the lab. Ambulatory EEG A portable EEG wear is used to test for days or weeks outside the lab. Sleep-Deprived EEG Test that required to sleep for recording at least for 4 hours at the lab. Standard EEG A test lasts for about 20-40 minutes in a regular lab. There are several ways of performing an EEG test. And here are the topmost 4 types of EEG

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P r o g r e s s i v e N e u r o l o g y S l e e p C e n t e r I T I S A L E A D I N G N E U R O L O G Y S P E C I A L T Y C L I N I C B A S E D I N C H E S A P E A K E V I R G I N I A . They use the Electroencephalography EEG test to diagnose the sleep disorders and epilepsy in their patients. Dr. Soham Sheth is the chief Neurology in this center who has done his Neurology residency training at Detroit Medical Center Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan.

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T h e i r s e r v i c e s They offer their services to help people with any sleeping disorders or any other brain related issues in the center. They use the latest and advanced technology of EEG equipment and recording machines to record the signals. The EEG test is usually carried on for 30 minutes with no sedative. After the test result analysis the patient can come to the clinic for further consultation or else can check through their online patient portal for test results.

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Address Phone Number E-mail Address 1210 Progressive Dr St 101 Chesapeake VA 23320 757 991-0190 infoprogressiveneurosleep.com C o n t a c t h t t p s : / / w w w . p r o g r e s s i v e n e u r o s l e e p . c o m / p r o c e d u r e s / Website

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