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kl5lm LED Mining Cap Lamp guarantees that you and your group is protected as you embrace one of the most perilous and clumsy occupations and turn out sound and grinning.


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Welcome To Marten Industrial CO. LTD Mining Cap Lamp: Your Saviour in Disguise A miner cap lamp is crucial for the safety of anyone working in an underground mining environment. It acts as the eyes of the miner. The cap acts as a light source which is powered by a battery attached to the belt of the wearer connected by a wire. A clip attaches the miner cap lamp to the helmet of the miner. These cap lamps are rechargeable and are designed for 600-1000 recharge cycles usually. A dynamic environment in an underground mine includes confined spaces dust and poor reflection of light from rocky surfaces along with low visual contrasts. Today the LED Miner cap Lamps are in the use. Here are few reasons why LED Miner Cap Lamps are a must have for you:

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Safety The use of lithium batteries in LED makes it lightweight and safer to use for the miners. This insures efficiency and safety as well. The cap lamp is a piece of personal protection equipment in mining. Workers also depend heavily on light for visual cues to refrain from tripping or slipping on the ground falling of the rocks. Cap Lamps are therefore extremely essential for miners to be able to perform their job safely. It is also important form old workers. Age affects the visual ability of an individual. The human eye behaves in such manner that visibility reduces with age. These changes include reduced pupil size and cloudier lenses which does not let the light reach retina properly. This makes it even more difficult for old workers to see and detect various hazards and they are more sensitive to glare which can cause them discomfort. Reduction in number of accidents The cap lamps help a miner in detecting hazards and accidents. It has been shown in a research related to underground mining that improving the light quality results in decreased accidents.

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Improvement in STF Hazard and Peripheral Motion Detection LED-based cap lamps have been shown to improve the situation of STF Slips Trips and fall hazard and peripheral motion detection. Previous underground mining research has shown that improving light quality decreases mining accidents by enhancing visual performance in the detection and recognition of STF hazards. What can happen in the absence of Cap Lamps Research shows that lack of illumination has caused a lot of accidents in mines and has resulted in the delay of work and more importantly loss of life of the mine workers. Mine Safety and Health Administration data of 2008-2012 reveals that Slips Trips and Falls STFs are the second leading accident class 19.1 n1820 of nonfatal lost-time injuries at underground mining work locations. Inadequate light can also result into a mine worker getting pinned or c rushed by the machineries. kl5lm LED Mining Cap Lamp ensures that you and your team is safe as you undertake one of the most hazardous and accident prone jobs and come out healthy and smiling.

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