No Sound on Computer - Fix Sound Card Driver Problems in Minutes


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No Sound on Computer Troubleshooting:

No Sound on Computer Troubleshooting Fix Sound Card Driver Problems in Minutes

The PC Sound Problem:

The PC Sound Problem No sound from computer? It is an annoying problem which bothers thousands of computer users. I got this problem once. When I used windows media player to play a video, but there was no sound from computer. Fortunately, I fixed this problem finally. How I fixed this problem? Before I tell you the method, I would like to tell you the usual issues that cause the problem. One factor is the sound card problem and another is the driver. You should follow the steps below to fix the problem. (The process may be a little different among Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.)

Step 1. Check Your Sound Card:

Step 1. Check Your Sound Card 1) Check the Sound Card. Firstly, you should check out if your sound box is working. If your sound box is working, then check out your sound card. It is possible that your hardware malfunction causes the problem. So you need to make sure the sound card is attached close to the socket and the chipset is still working. If the hardware is free of error, go to the next step.

Step 1. Check Your Sound Card:

Step 1. Check Your Sound Card 2) Check BIOS Setting. If you are using on board sound card, you should check your BIOS. When you restart your computer and enter BIOS, open Integrated Peripherals and find your sound card (normally its name is AC97 Audio ). Then set it to be Auto or Enable. Then find On Board AC97 Control and set it to be Auto or Enable. Save and exit. If all those issues are all right, but still no sound on computer, it must be the problem of the driver.

Step 2. Check the Audio Card Driver:

Step 2. Check the Audio Card Driver 1) Open Device Manager. Right click My computer and Properties . When the Properties Window opens, click on the Hardware tab. And then click on Device Manager. The Device Manager will pop up. 2) Check the Audio card. Click " Sound, video and game controller ". You will see a list of items, if there is a red cross before an item, it means this item is disabled. Then you right click it and set it to be Enable.

Step 2. Check the Audio Card Driver:

Step 2. Check the Audio Card Driver 3) Driver is corrupted or outdated. If you see an exclamatory mark before an item, it means that the driver is corrupted or outdated. So you need to install a new driver for it Normally corrupted or missing driver files can cause the sound problems along with other device not working properly. The best way is to use a driver updater to back up and update your drivers regularly.

The Easy Way To Fix:

The Easy Way To Fix You can click here to use a Driver Update Software to help you fix your corrupted/outdated drivers and fix the No Sound On PC problem. A driver updater is an application which can precisely detect any outdated and damaged drivers on your computer, and update them automatically so as to fix the driver-related problem and improve your device performance.

Download The Best Driver Updater:

Download The Best Driver Updater You can click here to visit my website to read the Best Driver Update Reviews or choose one below for your Windows System to help you repair PC No Sound problem. NO.1 No.2 No.3 Driver Robot Official Site Driver Finder Pro Official Site Driver Checker Official Site

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