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Dr. Sean began his career as a medical physician until a chance conversation with the nephew of a fellow physician led to his discovery of the kind of profits that can be made trading in the stock mark.


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Trading In the 2012:

Trading In the 2012 Sean Seshadri

Trading in 2012:

Trading in 2012 The new year should bring new opportunities for savvy traders as volatility by all measures should continue and help the short term traders. As long term investors such as Warren Buffett had their losing year we should focus on short term trades which means a 3 month horizon or less.

Trading in 2012:

That does not mean that we cannot succeed in a time frame that is longer than that. The only thing is that it requires a great deal more patience to invest this way and an investor would need to examine the fundamentals which includes corporate management, P/E ratios, PEG, income versus expenses, and so many other complicated parameters which require a great deal of time to make a correct assessment of how to intrepret the data. Trading in 2012

Trading in 2012:

Even when one goes through all the information with the idea to make an educated decision there is no guarantee that one will be right. An investor needs to be better capitalized to invest this way and have a much higher risk threshold. Trading in 2012

Trading in 2012:

Shorter term investing needs one to be more active but risk will be lower and returns can be significantly as the time invested will be less. This is an easier way for a new investor to embark on a new trading career. Trading in 2012

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