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Dr. Sean began his career as a medical physician until a chance conversation with the nephew of a fellow physician led to his discovery of the kind of profits that can be made trading in the stock market.


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Market volatility can be your friend:

Market volatility can be your friend Oil traders moved the crude oil market lower as government reports mentioned that crude supplies decreased less than analysts had predicted.

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The front month contract dropped to a low of 73.83 and then rallied but still settled lower by 35 cents. In the weekly energy report crude supplies were found to fall by 800,000 barrels, much less than the 2.25 million barrels which had previously been predicted by analysts.

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What Sean Seshadri states what you can learn from is that these government reports is that the volatility creates market opportunity from a psychological perspective as seller rushed in after oil moves up higher then it pulled back to a whole number of 74.00.

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Lux Investments believes that with appropriate risk management one can take advantage of oil. Sean Seshadri also wants you to evaluate broad fundamental data when making calculated trading decisions as it will increase the probabilities that a trade will work.

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