Sean Seshadri – Trading Strategies

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Sean Seshadri – trading strategies:

Sean Seshadri – trading strategies

Sean Seshadri – Lux Investments:

Sean Seshadri – Lux Investments Dr. Sean began his career as a medical physician until a chance conversation with the nephew of a fellow physician led to his discovery of the kind of profits that can be made trading in the stock market.

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Dr. Sean has students around the world whose lives have been blessed with a skill set that they can now use to multiply their capital at an extraordinary rate. Dr. Sean provides exact setups for entry and exit points while teaching his students the importance of risk management.

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He has developed techniques for every type of trader, from the long term investor to the intraday scalper. You will find a precise and distinct set of rule sets laid out in an easy to follow and direct approach if you ever get the chance to learn from this well versed master trader.

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