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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage 96 Kuli maratha Marriage Registration Process Maratha Marriage-How To Register On 96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Confused About How to Register Your Maratha Marriage Profile On 96 Kuli Maratha Marriage. Here Is Your Solution. Follow the Steps to Find Your Perfect Match. Easy Registration Process for 96 kuli Maratha Marriage Looking For Your Perfect Soul Mate Or Dream Partner Here we are 96 kuli Maratha marriage where you will find a wide range of profiles. You just need to follow some easy steps in order to meet your perfect soul mate or dream partner. Check out this blog for your 96 kuli Maratha marriage website registration to be completed successfully. Let’s begin with the registration process on and start searching for your perfect soul mate or your dream partner. Follow These Basic Steps In Maratha Marriage To Find Your Dream Partner: Step 1: How to Search 96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Website on Google Maratha Marriage

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage 96 Kuli Maratha Marriage 1. Enter 96 Kuli Maratha Marriage in Google search box or in the Chrome address bar. 2. Click on the result given by Google. After clicking you will be on website. Step 2: How to Fill the Registration Form in the 96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Website Note: While filling the registration form the details should be correct and accurate.

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage 96 kuli Maratha Marriage Online Registration A. Enter your first name B. Enter your last name C. Select your Gender D. Type your active email Id for OTP Verification purpose E. Select your date of birth F. Enter your active mobile number for OTP Verification Purpose G. Select on Behalf H. Enter your Password I. Confirm your password That’s it Your registration form is complete just click on Register Button and verify your OTP Check below image for better understanding.

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage 96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Online Registration Step 3: How to Complete the OTP Verification in 96 Kuli Maratha Matrimony Note: The Mobile Number and Email Id should be Active for Receiving the OTP. After completion of OTP Verification you will be allowed to register. 1. Enter the OTP The OTP will be sent on the mobile number/email address which you have provided in the previous registration form. Enter the OTP

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage 2. If you did not receive OTP Just Click on Resend OTP Resend OTP Note: Check Your Email Id / Mobile Number for OTP if you are not receiving OTP on your mobile number/email. Step 4: How to Fill the Basic Information form in 96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Note: In Basic Information form some fields are auto-fill. 1. Write your Introduction or about you Enter Your Introduction

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage 2. Select your profile photo Select Profile Photo Note: While uploading your Profile photo Crop the Profile photo as such that your face should be seen Clearly for members to view your profile. 3. Upload Gallery Images For your profiles to be viewed by members. Upload Gallery

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Note: Gallery Image-1 and Gallery Image-2 are required whereas the Gallery Image-3 is an optional part. 4. Basic information form Basic Information A Middle name B Marital status C On behalf 5 Fill the education and career Education and Career

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage A Fill your highest education B Enter your education specialization Note: If you select specialization field as other then you get another text box to specify your specialization. C Fill your Occupation Note: If you select occupation field as other then you get another text box to specify your occupation. D Specify your Designation E Enter your company/Organization F Choose your annual Income G If you are interested in setting abroad then select “Yes” otherwise select “No” Step 5: How to fill Personal Information Form for 96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Website Note: Field Marked with are mandatory/compulsory 1.Enter the details about your Physical Attribute Physical Attribute

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage A Enter your Height B Enter your Completion C Enter your blood Group D Enter Disability – Here you have to select two options like “Yes” or “No” Note: If you have any disability select as “yes” then specify your disability for example disabilities like Eye ear problem 2. Fill the Physical and Social Background Physical and social Background A Select whether you Manglik or not B Select Your Gotra C Select Your Devak D Select Your GAN E Select Your Charan F Select Your Nakshatra G Select Your NADI

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage H Select Your RAS 3. Specify Details of Your Astronomic Information: Astronomic Information A Select Your Time of Birth Note – Enter your birth time in 24hrs format. B Enter The City of Your Birth 4. Fill Permanent Address Information: Permanent Address Information

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage A Enter your address in detail B Select Your Country C Select Your State Note: To select the state you need to first select your country D Select Your City Note: To select the city you need to select your sate E Enter your postal code 5. Specify your Hobbies and Interest Hobbies and Interest A Enter your Hobbies B Select Spectacles Status Step 6: Fill Family Information 1. Family Information:

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Enter Your Family Information A Enter Your Father Name B Select Your Father Occupation C Enter Your Mother Name D Select Your Mother Occupation E Select No.of Sisters Note: if you have 2 sisters then select 2 sisters F Select No.of married sister Note: If your one sister is married then select 1 sister as married G Select No.of Brothers Note: If you have 2 brothers then select 2 brothers H Select No.of Married Brother Note: if your one brother is married then select 1 brother as married I Enter a parent contact number

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Note: Enter the number which is active because you will get calls from those members who shows interest in your profile J Select family type Note: if you are a joint family then select joint family and if you stay with your parents then select a nuclear family or select other k Enter relatives Mention surname Note: Mention your relatives surname like Patil Pawar etc. L Enter Family wealth Note: Mention your property details like farm bungalow flat etc. Step 7: Partner Expectation Note: Fill the partner expectations details carefully as we will provide you profiles according to your filled expectations. Partner Expectation A Enter General Requirement from Your Partner Note: Mention your partner expectations like He/She should be caring He/She should be tall etc. B Select Max Age Difference Between You and Your Partner

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Note: Mention years of an age difference between you and your partner. C Select Max Height Difference Between You and Your Partner Note: Mention your partner maximum height D Select Marital Status Note: Select your partner marital status like married unmarried E Select Country Note: mention the country properly as according to your requirement and proper filtration F Select State Note: Mention your partner state according to your requirement and proper filtration G Select multiple cities where your partner Belongs from Note: Select 4 cities from the city column H Choose your partners Educations background Note: Select 5 Education requirement of your partner I Choose your partner’s occupational background Note: Select 5 Occupation Requirement of your partner. J Select Annual Income Note: Select your partner’s annual income K Select Manglik Note: Select whether your partner should be Manglik or not. Step 8: Upload Your Document For Verification. You must upload the documents in order to avoid fake profiles and get a better search option to find your dream partner. Note: Both Documents Are Mandatory for fast verification

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Document Verification A Upload your Leaving Certificate/Caste Certificate B Upload Aadhaar card Step 9: Now Your Profile is Complete and Successfully Created After uploading your documents to your Profile you will be redirected to thank you page. Thank You For Registering Your Profile

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96 Kuli Maratha Marriage Step 10: Your Profile is Under Review Your Profile is Under Review Your profile will be under Review and after admin approval you will be allowed to access the features Note: The approval Process takes 24 hours. If your profile does not get approved within 24 hours then email us on or contact us on 8275429978 | 8275429979 If you want to edit your profile or you want to update some information then just follow the steps from 1 to 6 and update your information. In conclusion: Hope this blog will help for your complete registration and will help you meet your perfect partner through 96 Kuli Maratha Marriage and give your valuable reviews about 96 kuli Maratha marriage website.

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