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Chemistry of Nanomaterials :

Chemistry of Nanomaterials Pooja .

Preparation of Nano particles :

Preparation of Nano particles WET CHEMICAL METHOD


SOL GEL METHOD Involves the evolution of inorganic networks through the formation of a colloidal suspension (sol) and Gelation of the sol to form a network in a continuous liquid phase (Gel).

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MOR + H 2 O → MOH + ROH (hydrolysis) MOH + ROM → M-O-M + ROH (condensation)


STEPS INVOLVED Formation of different stable solutions. Gelation Aging of the gel ( Syneresis ) Drying of the gel Dehydration 800°C Densification and decomposition (T>800°C)

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Fig.1. Schematic representation of sol-gel process of synthesis of nanomaterials .

Characterization of Nanomaterials :

Characterization of Nanomaterials

Optical Microscopes are not for Nanoscale analysis?:

Optical Microscopes are not for Nanoscale analysis?

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Typical SEM images of (a) the loosely packed Co 3 O 4 /Co(OH) 2 nanostructures (b) the mesoporous Co 3 O 4 materials SCANNING ELECTRON MICROSCOPY

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Characterization of carbon nanomaterials with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) showing sizes and morphologies TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPY

Advantages :

Advantages Improved mechanical strength , physical properties & chemical properties . Decrease in porosities Enhanced thermal stability . Exhibits unusual optical ,magnetic & electrical properties. Exceptional strength , hardness etc .

Application :

Application Nanocrystalline silicon carbide. Fullerenes Carbon nanotube - Microbial fuel cell Phosphors for HD TV Elimination of Pollutants In therapeutics , gene transformation

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SEM images of surfaces covered with ZnO nanostructures. a ) Core spike particles. b) hollow ZnO spheres. c) Sponge like ZnO structure. d) A higher magnification from a) reveals the long thin spikes with diameters on the nanoscale . e) The higher magnification from b) shows the coverage of the outside of the shells by small nanoscale spikes. f) This higher magnification from c) shows crystalline facets on the surface of the sponge like structure.

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Titanium nanoflower Silver nanocubes SnO2 nanoflower Au nanoparticle Graphene FePt nanosphere


REFERENCE Introduction to Nanomaterials , A.Alagarasi . Nanomaterials , Boxuan Gu and David McQuilling /article/



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