Things A Good Limo Chauffeur Should Know


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The role of a limo Chauffeur is very important for any limo service provider. The business is very much depend on the professionalism of a chauffeur. A must have some essential traits which actually show his skills and qualifications.


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Things A Good Driver Should Know :

Things A Good Driver Should Know A guide For Chauffeurs in Limousine Market Presented by Traveler’s Choice Limousine

Personal Appearance :

Personal Appearance A clean car and engine reflect credit on the chauffeur. To remove dust surplus oil from the engine. Ensure that all the ash trays are empty and clean.

Politeness :

Politeness A chauffeur should always touch his cap when opening a door to allow a passenger entry or exit.

Punctuality :

Punctuality a chauffeur should ensure that he is five minutes early as punctuality is essential

Royalty :

Royalty A chauffeur must not leave his driving seat unless the Royal personage is unattended

Conversation :

Conversation the conversation should not be continued unless encouraged by the passenger

Smoking :

Smoking a chauffeur should not smoke in the car for at least half an hour before picking up a passenger and windows must be opened to remove all traces of smoke


Itinerary When undertaking unfamiliar journeys the chauffeur should ascertain the best route before departure.

Care of Upholstery :

Care of Upholstery Upholstery covers should be removed periodically and brushed, and cushions lightly beaten

Chromium Plating :

Chromium Plating Atmospheric deposit can be removed by using one of the many chrome cleaners on the market

Car Mats :

Car Mats All mats should be removed weekly and given a good beating and brushing. Do not brush mats inside the car as this allows dust to accumulate on the trimming

Instrument Panel and Window Fillets :

Instrument Panel and Window Fillets These should be polished occasionally with wax polish, if they have a polished finish, otherwise it is sufficient to leather them off whenever the car is being washed

Don'ts :

Don'ts Dry clean the Paintwork. Allow Anti-Freeze mixtures to get on paintwork. Dry clean Stainless Steel Radiator shells. Run engine unnecessarily in the garage. Park the car under Lime trees when in blossom. Leave windows open when leaving the car, especially in showery weather. For Airport Limo Rental and Town Car Service Visit: Town Car Service

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