Reaction of De Lima’s issue

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Reaction of De Lima’s issue:

Reaction of De Lima’s issue


MANILA, Philippines — Sen. Leila De Lima on Thursday expressed worry over her safety after being the subject of the recent inquiries held by the House of Representatives' Committee on Justice linking her to the alleged New Bilibid Prison drug trade .


“I’m now a subject of persecution and I am no longer safe, I don’t feel safe. The truth is, I’m not safe,” an emotional De Lima said in a televised press conference at the Senate. De Lima doubted if she could rely on the Philippine National Police, National Bureau of Investigation and Armed Forces of the Philippines to give her security, saying she does not have a choice. “They're violating my rights — security, right to privacy,” she added


During the first day of the House Committee on Justice's probe, De Lima’s mobile number and home address were disclosed by some of the witnesses. De Lima cried foul against the public disclosure saying she has been receiving threats since. De Lima showed some of the 2,000 text messages of harassment and name-calling that she said were sent by fanatics and trolls of President Rodrigo Duterte . Some solons however defended the public disclosure of her number and address saying these were part of the testimonies.


The senator was also reported to be absent in the Senate session on Wednesday since she was looking for a new house. Asked if she already found a house replacement, De Lima refused to disclose any information as it might further expose her to danger. However, she said she is now in a temporary home, stressing that her and her neighbor’s safety were compromised


Reaction: We, Filipinos, have seen the devastating status of De Lima from being accused as a drug pusher. Her life is now surrounded with millions of Filipino eyes, hoping to put her in jail and pay all her debts in any field she is involved. But I'm still praying for smooth judgement and fair treatment for everything that goes around the circle. As an observer of the society, I’m planning to get attached on every changes of her case and may able to judge her if she’s truly guilty or not guilty.

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