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Kenya 2011 Nanyuki/Sweetwater Project

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Afretech – Kenya 2011 Nanyuki/Sweetwaters Project

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Post Card Nairobi – Modern City, Cars, Crowds

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Real Nairobi – Slums, Smog, Decaying Infrastructure

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Thika Primary School

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Urulu Primary School

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Nanyuki Resource Center

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Library Project: 1000+ Boxes! Regional Hospital – 3 Ultrasound Systems

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Computer Center – 15 Systems

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Sweetwater Secondary School

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Sweetwater Computer Center + Library

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Cura Orphanage – Afretech 2009

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Observations International Rotary Projects can provide enormous leverage of our donations ‘Hands-on’ international service projects can be both very rewarding, and significantly increase the value of a donation in terms of effective implementation, training, verification, etc. Local organizations exist that we can partner with to increase our own international efforts, and to leverage our investments (Afretech, Rotary World Help Network, etc.) Remote clubs are very interested & willing to work with us on joint projects

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