Reasons to Remove a Dead Tree


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Is your otherwise gorgeous yard being overshadowed by a dead tree on the property?


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Reasons to Remove a Dead Tree :

Reasons to Remove a Dead Tree

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Is your otherwise gorgeous yard being overshadowed by a dead tree on the property? If so, it's time to have it removed by a professional. Dead trees on your property aren't just an eyesore. They can also be dangerous. Consider these reasons to remove them from your property.   Of course, the most noticeable reason to remove a dead tree is because it's unsightly. Why spend time or money on the rest of your lawn if the decaying tree will be the main attraction? You should also consider your home's curb appeal, especially if you're thinking about putting it on the market.

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First impressions are the most important. An ugly yard could keep potential buyers from even bothering to set foot inside, let alone make an offer on your otherwise beautiful home.   If your tree died due to a disease, you could be putting your other trees at risk. Just like humans can spread illness between them, so can plants. If your tree's leaves have a powdery mildew or if its leaves are yellow or lime green, any other plants in the same area as the tree are susceptible to the disease. For example, if you’ve planted flowers around the tree’s trunk, the disease could travel. If your child or a pet then moves one of those flowers closer to a healthy tree, the disease could latch on to a new host.

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Perhaps even worse than spreading disease, your dead tree could attract insects and other pests. Termites are very attracted to dead tree trunks. Once they've used it for all they can, they could easily move on to your home. Rats, raccoons, snakes, wasps and a variety of other dangerous pests could also take up residence, leaving your family at risk of receiving a sting or bite every time you're in the yard.   Even if pests or diseases don't worry you, it's important to remove a dead or dying tree. As the branches continue to dry and become brittle, they could easily fall off the trunk. If you spend a lot of time in your yard, you are putting yourself at risk of injury, and if the tree is close to your home, it could go through a window.

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In the worst cases, the entire tree could topple over onto your home, leaving you with very costly repairs.   You don't need to deal with the dangers of ugly, dying trees on your property. If you suspect you need tree removal in San Antonio, visit this website for information.

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