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Herpes can be spread even when one is free of symptoms. Herpes is caused by variants of the HSV virus that hides in the nerve ganglia and attacks when immunity is low. Having herpes triples one's chances of getting HIV and therefore a herpes infection should never be ignored


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5 Natural herbs and supplements to Cure Herpes:

5 Natural herbs and supplements to Cure Herpes

What is Female Genital Herpes:

What is Female Genital Herpes It is a sexually transmitted disease caused by HSV virus. It affects genitals, cervixes and other part of skin. It can be transmitted from mother to child and results are fatal. Study says about 16% Americans are found herpes positive.

How to cure herpes naturally?:

How to cure herpes naturally? 1 .Honey Apply honey twice on affected area of herpes and let it dry for half an hour. Wash it afterwards.

2. Aloe vera:

2. Aloe vera Apply aloe vera gel on affected areas to get relief on rashes. Aloe vera is cold in nature it helps to relief the pain.


3. Echinacea Herpes virus attacks our immune system for which we need to boost our immunity. This herb is immune boost herb found in capsule, tablets.


4.Lysin Amino acid(protein)should be added in diet, it is required to fight virus as proteins are building blocks of the body. E.g. Vircplex


5.Monolaurin Used to treat strain of herpes. It has cellular immune boosting properties. It inhibits fat coated viruses from disintegrating viral cells. Hence helps in treatment for herpes.

What biogetica offers you?:

What biogetica offers you? Biogetica works on homeopathy science . All its products are derived from natural herbs. Biogetica treats the cause of disease and not just only the affected areas. Find us on

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