SAVA Poised To Become The Global Hub For CRAMs


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SAVA Research is the most trustworthy global hub for CRAMS its novel products and cut edge research facilities.


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SAVA poised to become the global hub for CRAMs:

SAVA poised to become the global hub for CRAMs SAVA RESEARCH

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India has witnessed itself to be a prominent hub in C ontract Research And Manufacturing Services .

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The contract research and manufacturing services industry consist of mainly contract manufacturing services of novel chemical entities, clinical research, pre-clinical research as well as APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients). As per the latest reports collected, it is expected that over $ 9 billion drugs will go off patent by the year 2015 which has initiated companies to look for economical outsourcing solutions.

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The CRAMS market worldwide is estimated to be $ 60 to 70 billion and it is further expected to grow up to $ 90 billion by the year 2015. This opens the door for Contract Manufacturer Pharmaceuticals in India that are proficient in providing contract research and contract manufacturing services.

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Indian CRAMS market contributes to about $3.8 billion in this steadily growing pharma business and it is expected that the contribution from India will grow up to $8 billion by 2015. The CRAMS market will split into two sections; one will be contract research that will contribute to $ 1.5 billion, while the other section which is manufacturing services will have 60% contribution . The global CRAMS market has grown up to 16% CAGR. The Indian CRAMS market has grown up to 32% as per the latest reports by CARE ratings.

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In this booming scenario it has been observed that every contract manufacturing Pharma Company in India is looking for establishment of plants as well as hiring well-qualified experienced & seasoned man power to meet stringent quality compliance guidelines. Along with these, the pharma companies are also looking for cost effective methods, serving with maximum efficiency with the minimum risk.

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SAVA Research , which is one of the leading contract research organization from India is well equipped with all the resources that is suited it best to be the most preferred destination for outsourcing of CRAM. Backed by an exceptionally proficient team of R&D scientists, who indulge in research, formulation development and many more to meet the global standard in the most cost effective manner , SAVA Research outshines in this hub for CRAM. SAVA’s science and innovation is based on the belief of using the latest breakthrough of science and technology to develop medications with the view to serve mankind in various ways thus making Sava Research undoubtedly the most preferred contract research organization from India. Note: The information mentioned in this presentation is solely the opinion of the author and is published for informational purposes only; Sava Research or its affiliates bear no responsibility on the authenticity of the statistical information published herein.

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