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Mark Cereceda has donated to a number of charities and organizations since beginning his profession as a chiropractor. He donates to health organizations and social organizations. In his goal to better his community, Mark Cereceda donates every year to organizations that care for wounded soldiers or fallen soldiers' families. Mark Cereceda also donates to the Alonzo Morning Charities which through one contribution, splits funds between multiple children's charities.


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Mark Cereceda:

Mark Cereceda

Children Charity Supported by Mark Cereceda:

Children Charity Supported by Mark Cereceda Mark Cereceda decided to support and donate to the Alonzo Morning Charity. He picked this charity because through one contribution, donors are able to give to several charities at once. All the charities Mark Cereceda supports through the Alonzo Morning Charity are targeted to the development of "at-risk" youth who are victims of abuse, abandonment, or neglect.

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Organizations Supported by Mark Cereceda Mark Cereceda donated to many causes throughout his career. There are many organizations that he continues to support such as the Coral Gables Police Ski Team. As a doctor, he knew his donations could help people through social and medical organizations. He donated to La Liga Contra El Cancer, the American Lung Association, and Camillus House which offered health services to the poor and homeless in addition to serving the community as a homeless shelter.

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Mark Cereceda: Charitable Doctor Mark Cereceda is a chiropractic physician who makes donations every year. In the past, he's donated to cancer organizations and youth organizations. He donated to the American Lung Association, La Liga Contra el Cancer, and children's cancer charities. He supported youth football programs in the City of South Miami. His donations to the West Miami Police Department purchased new radio equipment and every year, He donates to the Coral Gables Police Ski Team and Miami Dade County Commissioner's toy drives.

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Contact Mark Cereceda 36 NW 5th St Miami FL USA 33128 +1 305-374-1065

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